Thursday, August 23, 2007

Russian Martyrs from the Communist Era

I was very struck by the profound beauty of the chant in the first part of this video, does anyone of enough Old Slavonic to translate?


Anonymous said...

Yes - the deep bass voices have an almost hypnotic effect on the listener. I visited the Russian Orthodox cathedral in Paris a couple of years ago (not far from the Arc de triomphe) and was 'spell bound' by the beauty of the chants. At first I thought it was a tape until i discovered three bearded monks dressed in black from head to toe almost hidden from view and from whom emanated this wonderful sound. They were unaccompanied and their deep resonant voices were a wonderful aid to contemplation. However i was told that no chairs were available - the congregation has to stand throughout the services - but I succeded in finding one at the back next to a bucket and mop! So i was able to listen to this amazing sound in relative comfort. The cathedral has onion domes and the most magnificent icons everywhere. No tourists here but well worth a visit!

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

I am very grateful to Fr. Ray for posting this video.

What a magnificent sound.
It is very haunting, deeply spiritual.
You can almost hear the very soul of the long suffering Russian people in their sacred music.
(Sorry if that's sounds fanciful.)

But, apart from the fact that it is a lament (Vechnaya Pamyat) for those killed in twentieth century Russia, I found it almost impossible to distinguish the words.
And, anyway, I don't know much Old Slavonic.

I found the accompanying pictures very poignant, particularly, I think, the photograph of the doomed Tsar, Tsarina and the royal children before their murder at Ekaterinberg.

Holy Russia is still there, after all its terrible persecution.

Anonymous said...

Today, August 24, Russian TV station NTV reports that human remains have been found whiah may be those of Tsarevich Alexei and Grand Duchess Maria, ten years after the state funeral if the rest of the Imperial Family and their four servants who died with them.