Monday, August 20, 2007

Le Barroux Ordinations

The New Liturgical Movement has some more beautiful pictures of the ordinations at Le Barroux .
I hope to go on retreat there later this year.


Ma Beck said...

That's beautiful, 'cept for the "Resurrectifix."

(I just learned that term yesterday.)

Fr Ray Blake said...

But there is a crucifix on the altar

Boethius said...

That's not a 'resurrexifix' but actually a cruficied Christ the High Priest and King, robed in priestly vestments and crowned.

Anonymous said...

Mmm. This crucifix, based on the volto santo in Lucca, is really Mithraic in origin but larded over with the Christian symbolism Boethius identifies. Cf 'That Arrow and the Sword', by Hugh Ross Williamson.