Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Abbot of Quarr retires

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Dom Cuthbert Johnson OSB has retired from the Office of Abbot of Quarr Abbey, situated near Ryde in the Isle of Wight, after leading the community of Benedictine monks for the past 12 years.
Abbot Johnson worked in the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship from 1983 until his election in August 1996. Under his leadership Quarr Abbey has developed in many new ways and has also taken a much more active role in the life of the local community in Fishbourne.
Abbot Johnson said this week: "Quarr Abbey is now ready to pass through a new stage and to enter into a transitional period. After due reflection and prudent counsel the present moment seems an appropriate one in the history of the monastery to provide for new leadership. Therefore, I have decided to retire from the office of Abbot in which it has been my privilege to serve the monastic community of Quarr."
The Abbot, who also served as Chairman of the Fishbourne Parish Council for two years, added: "I now plan to have a sabbatical period in order to pursue my liturgical and monastic studies."
I spent a very happy and blessed few months living with the community at Quarr and I have a great personal fondness for the community and Dom Cuthbert, who has always shown me great kindness, keep them both in your prayers. Change is difficult for monks and monastic communities.
Apparently a prior and small group of monks is to be sent from Solemnes.


Stephen Davis said...

"Quarr Abbey is now ready to pass through a new stage and to enter into a transitional period."

Is he referring to the monks of Solemes being sent over? Why would one community of monks send over some men to another in the first place?

Sorry if there is an obvious answer I just don't have much of an idea of monastic world!

Fr Ray Blake said...

I imagine Solemnes are sending some older men, Quarr is a deficit of them.

HughOSB said...

I very much doubt anyone is coming from Solesmes to rescue Quarr....

Anonymous said...

The Abbot President has appointed Abbot Finbar Kealy (a monk of Douai Abbey, currently superior of their house in Douai, France) to be Abbot Administrator of Quarr Abbey for a period of two years.

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