Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Future?

Now if we don't pray for and encourage vocations this could be the future.


Jane said...


I shouldn't be laughing and crying so hysterically on a Sunday morning!

Am doing my best to encourage women to consider Cardinal Hummes' call for spiritual mothers of priests with my new blog. It's going really well. Your blessing and encouragement would be so much appreciated.


Annie said...


Victor S E Moubarak said...


nickbris said...


bernadette said...

Or, perhaps, we might try and encourage the Sacrament of Reconciliation in a form that is relevant to ordinary people in 2009.
Most people I know (young, below age of 30) have been turned off this sacrament by priests who want to socially counsel them and affirm their sin, rather than absolve their sins and recognise their contrition. I sympathise. The situation is a total and utter nightmare for those of trying to evangelise.

But, heigh ho, we aim to battle on.

Edward P. Walton said...

On any average sunday, almost the entire congregation goes up to the altar to recive communion.

In almost any average church,when it is in use, hardley any one lines up to use the confessional.

It seems the priest is still need to confect the sacred species.

nickbris said...

Those of us who had a CATHOLIC EDUCATION learnt how to spell,it is very irritating trying to decipher some of these comments.

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

I used this before myself!


Must ask you more about the Bridgittine nun on your side-bar..

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Fortunately at every Mass we have a Priest available for confession..that's 5 Masses on a Sunday & 3 on a weekday. Also we can call at the house. The lines are pretty long for confession as indeed I've suggested before they should be as long as those going to Holy Communion. Really not everyone used to go or presume to be in the state of children we seemed to have a beeter awareness 40 years ago of this state of grace. At our Primary the children go to confession before Mass.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Our confessional is no longer in use. It is a small room with two partitions for the priest and the individual confessing. It is now used to store books, statues, missals and several other items sold on Sunday.

As it was being used one Sunday I noticed severe burn marks on the inside of the door; must have been a short-circuit or something as serious.

I commented: It must have been quite a confession to create all that damage!

The priest overheard me and joked: We haven't seen that man since !!!

servingblogger said...


I do hope you will be able to post my previous comment. I'm sure you and people who read your blog will be able to cope with the issues at hand.

Look forward to seeing it up soon.


Fr Ray Blake said...

No nor the subsequent one. You raise issue I feel I should respond to them, I haven't the time.

johnf said...

A great post Father!

This looks like the Italian version of Fr Ted (Don Eduardo?)

Edward P. Walton said...

Were I live, a church took out a confessional and used the space for a columbarium.

George said...

Initial reaction was - funny, but with a reserved 'chuckle'.

The more I have thought about it, hence the late comment, the more I believe this kind of 'mockery' of this particular Holy Sacrament (which has gone on for many years in various ways) is one of the reasons why Catholics so rarely visit the Confessional.

The devil is very clever, a little humour here, a little there, oh it's just a bit of fun after all, don't take it all so seriously, sin is all relative, a little adultery hey what's the problem, everyone does it... etc... etc... and Catholics stop believing in the Sacred, stop receiving the GRACES (God's forgiveness for our personal sins) that only this Sacrament can bring - and receive Holy Communion in a state of 'dis-Grace'. The devil is very happy with sacriligious Communion!

Final verdict - I agree with Nickbris - NOT FUNNY AT ALL!

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