Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pepinster on Nichols on Facebook on the BBC

Ms Pepinster was on Radio 4's Sunday Programme, it is at the beginning of the programe, she is talking about Archbishop Nichols' comments on superficial relationships amongst the young.

Her last remarks about Archbishop Nichols getting a computer for his desk, and "senior figures" in the Church not being computer savvy seem decidedly odd.

Why does the BBC get people who have so little to say giving comments on something they obviously know so little about. The Tablet really has so little experience with the electronic media, and is so hostile to it, she was such a strange choice.
The next item on the St Therese's relics is much more interesting.


nickbris said...

The Archbishop was concerned about "trasient"relationships brought about by over use of Facebook and other kinds of remote contact were dangerous and can lead to illness and ultimately suicide among the young.

All parents'through the ages have been concerned about their offsprings relationships.

A hundred years ago young people were introduced to each other by well meaning Aunts & Uncles,50 years ago they met at the workplace or Dancehalls.Partners that one found under their own steam were nearly always frowned upon by concerned parents.

My Grandchildren are permanently stuck on Facebook looking for the "right one",they are wise to most of the nonsense as they do pick up tips from their friends and learn about the precautions that have to be taken.

Archbishop Nichol is another "concerned parent" and is just a generation behind.

We can all see pitfalls in New Technology but like everything it soon becomes old hat and redundant.

Pippo said...

I share your frustration at this Father. A month or so ago they were discussing the last rumours concerning Berlusconi's alleged affair and the Church's reaction. Who did they ask? Bobbie Mickens!

Personally I think this is due to:

1. The Tablet's reputation-once merited-as a Catholic periodical.

2. The BBC's dislike of Catholicism, leading them to broadcast the notorious 'Pro-gay' Mass from Holy Redeemer in the USA, which the bishop had spoken out against, and to be inclined towards asking dissident Catholics who will not hesitate to criticise the Church, the Pope, the Bishops etc.

3. A superficial and weak idea which assumes that disobedient Catholics are the only really intellectually grown and mature thinkers in the Church.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Aonymous, I don't publish "anon" comments

Patrick Sheridan said...

She looks like someone who would get on my nerves...

The Raven (C. Corax) said...

I note that ++Nichols' comments get a far more careful appraisal in a gadget blog than they do in a program allegedly specialising in religion:

Jack. said...

Anyone here aware of the Damien Thompson inspired a 'takeover' of the Tablet Facebokk page

Marich said...

Did you really think the next item on St Therese's relics was much better? As a former BBC producer it felt rather thin and unsubstantial. And the comment on relics being out of fashion since the reformation may be true for protestants but certainly not for believing Catholics.

Fr Ray Blake said...

More interesting but still Sunday Programme stuff.

Londiniensis said...

I think the Tablet Editor tried really hard not to be dissident, but the mask slipped toward the end. After giving grudging support to the Archbishop, albeit peppered with digs about computer-literacy, she was gracious to give him the benefit of her advice based on her years of experience: "I would be careful if I were somebody in his position about making certain comments about society ..."

Clare said...

Did you know Vincent Nichols has 334 friends on facebook?

perhaps we should all ask to be his friend.

Edward P. Walton said...

The Primate of England and Wales, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, told the Sunday Telegraph in an interview published yesterday; too much use of electronic information was "dehumanizing" . After yesterday, I agree with His Lordship.

After a hard day at work, I sat in my favorite chair and turned on the telly, only to be startled at who was staring at me. It was Fr. Tim.

Not to worry, it seems Dame Joanna Bogle was interviewing Fr. Tim of Blackfin,for some talk show.