Friday, August 14, 2009

Scotney Castle with Fr Mildew

Fr Mildew is organising a trip to Scotney Castle on Saturday 22nd August.
Bring a picnic. Scotney is off the road up from Hastings and is clearly signposted from the A 21. Motorists should arrive as soon as possible at ll.00am to avoid the car park filling up too soon. A picnic lunch will be held in thepicnic area and I will then show them the famous hiding hole from which Fr Blount SJ made a miraculous escape in 1582
By rail from Hastings to Wadhurst to arrive by 10.40 where cars will pick up anyone and take them on. Or Bus from Brighton to Tunbridge Wells to be in time for the 1035 to Hastings.

1 comment:

JARay said...

I would love to be able to join you all for this one but 12,000 miles is a bit far. I'm sure that you will all enjoy meeting up.

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