Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pell on Newman

Br Lewis Berry Cong. Orat. sent me this link to the excellent Cause for the Canonisation of Cardinal Newman sit which he runs, in today's entry Cardinal Pell likens Pope Benedict to Cardinal Newman.

Interestingly, the article says, everyday Newman said Mass or prayed in his private chapel he faced this picture of St Francis de Sales.

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Independent said...

In the "Letter to the Duke of Norfolk" Newman says "I shall drink - to the Pope if you please, - still to Conscience first, and the Pope afterwards" and "were I actually a soldier or sailor in her Majesty's service, and went to take part in a war which I could not in my conscience see to be unjust, and should the Pope suddenly bid all Catholic soldiers and sailors to retire from the service .. I should not obey him".

While being in agreement with Newman about what Newman called liberalism, and with what Pope Benedict calls relativism ,is Cardinal Pell being fair in his limitation of conscience. Must not even an ill informed conscience be followed?

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