Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our new website

Today we are launching our new website. It has been created by John White, one of our parishioners, it is his first go at such a project, he has put tons of work into it, check it out and give us some feed back.


Anonymous said...

Bill Hughes

Anonymous said...

Haven't had a chance to look at it all, but it seems good.

I wondered about some of the language though. The Church has 'services' every day sounds a bit protestant - the Church has Mass every day - which is of course service in the liturgical sense - but 'services' is the usual protestant word for what is not Mass.

On the theological page, the articles linked are presented as 'The Vatican view' which doesn't give the impression of the views expressed being 'whole Church' beliefs. Maybe 'some articles from the Vatican website' would be clearer?

These are small points though - well done to the webmaster.

The Bones said...

Well done John. Looks wonderful!

Mulier Fortis said...

I think it's a great site, but I have to agree with Elizabeth from Sussex that the language is very Protestant - the reference to you as "The Church Priest" (under Clergy) and the list of former "Church Rectors" (under History) sounds very odd.

As Elizabeth says, these are very minor points, and can be tweaked in due course...

Beautiful photos. I notice that they are copyrighted - does that mean that we bloggers can't half-inch them?

Fr Ray Blake said...

The parish priests here were Rectors until 19errr. My biretta hangs on a peg marked "The Rector", next to curates 1-4, now sadly unoccuppied.

As for the photographs, mine and Mele's are not copywrighted, only Henry's are. Mele and I believe in internet liberty etc. Copywrighting seems to belong to -people like the Tablet. We will have work on that. I think you will only be done if you misuse the pics.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I am useless at proof reading, as my blog testifies, so thanks.

Mulier Fortis said...


Fr. Roberto said...

I think it is a good well done site. I would to know how much this gentlemen charge for the work.
my email tuppence123@tiscali.co.uk

I agree to some comments, that it sound like anglican service. Be more catholic.

Fr Roberto

Fr Ray Blake said...

John did out of love for our parish and the Church.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So many confessions available Father:) My own parish only offers confession once a month on Saturday, and only for 1/2 an hour at that. Confession is also offered by appointment, but it's not always easy to get one of those. Thankfully there are other parishes nearby that have a few more confession times, even once a week for a few hours at a couple of them.

The site was beautiful. Your church is beautiful. We have some like that here, but most of the ones in my area (Mesa, Arizona, USA) are more like large auditoriums.

It's wonderful that people share their talents to help you promote your community on the web. You are very blessed to have been given such a gift:)

Prayers offered for all:)
M.J. Joachim

Delia said...

Looks great.

Just a few things:

How about a pic. of your Servant of God?

Under 'Donations', what on earth is a chouse? My ignorance, perhaps, but not in my dictionary; at least, it says a chouse is a cheat or a swindler - do you really want people to make one of those out??

Also, get rid of the apostrophe in 'The History of the church and it's rectors'!

johnf said...

It's a very nicely composed and informative site Father. Congratulations to John White!

Two little points: I note that unusually the author's name is at the top of the index page and displayed in the browser header. Secondly it is recommended that your email address is protected inside a javascript which I am told guards against spambots crawling the web, picking up the addresses and adding them to spammers lists.

It's useful to be able to exchange ideas on building parish websites. I've developed a liturgical calendar and next Mass predictor for our parish website at Our Lady Star of the Sea in Weymouth. It works fine, but with our Bishops mucking about with the dates for Solemnities, I have a job to keep up with all the possibilities!

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