Friday, August 21, 2009

Love of God, love of neighbour

Today's Gospel for the feria is the Great Commandment: loving God, with its collorary of loving one's neighbour.

Today is the feast of that great enemy of Modernism and Relativism St Pius X.

Chiesa reviews Harry Wu's book "Better ten graves than one extra birth" in which he suggests abortion and infanticide are linked to the successes and failures of the expansion of Christianity. His thesis is traced in the Greco-Roman world, to China and India, and the West today.

When one begins to understand the mystery of loving God with our whole being, only then can one love one's neighbour. In this it is necessary to love God rightly but also the right God. Orthodox belief, which St Pius X strove to defend, as does Pope Benedict, is absolutely necessary in order for us to love our neighbour.

Intrinsically linked is "right worship" hence "save the Liturgy, save the World". Right worship, right belief leads to right living.

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