Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pope on the Assumption

Earlier in the day he had celebrated Mass for the Assumption in San Tommaso da Villanova church near Castelgandolfo and his hand seemed noticeable swollen. It looks as though it hurts.


Ma Tucker said...

Hmm, looks a little too swollen to me.

gemoftheocean said...

The guys must have signed the cast a little higher up!

[I guess just a few more weeks to go, then he'll be right as rain. Or, come to think of it, perhaps he'll always know when it's going to rain....]

Anonymous said...

He needs to elevate it more! And wiggle his fingers often.

pattif said...

I was there and had a treasured moment holding his other hand. The skin on the fingers near the plaster is flaky and peeling - I guess there isn't anyone who knows him well enough to say "Here, let me massage some cream into that hand".

The Mass itself was wonderful, and HH was in good form afterwards, both greeting the crowds outside the church and at the Angelus.