Friday, January 11, 2008

Bush foresees Palestinian State: at last!

( - During a January 10 visit to Bethlehem, US President George W. Bush said that he looked forward to the day when "as a result of a formation of a Palestinian state, there won't be walls and checkpoints."
Acknowledging the troubles faced by Palestinians living in the West Bank, the American leader said that he hoped that soon "people will be able to move freely in a democratic state."
A visit to the basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem had provided "a moving moment" during his visit to the Holy Land, President Bush said, reminding listeners of his own deep Christian faith.
Bush also told Bethlehem residents that he recognized the tight security required for his visit had been "inconvenient for you." Thanking the town for its hospitality, he said: "I very much appreciate your tolerating my entourage."


gemoftheocean said...

One thing our British readers will most likely not see in their press (particularly the left wing press) is that George and Laura Bush are committed Christians. One touching thing they have said in interviews after 9/11 is that they can sense that people have been praying for them. Anyone who has had people praying for him/her does often feel the effect the prayers of others have on your state of being. George Bush has done extremely well for the prolife movement regarding his Supreme Court selections. And legislation banning partial birth abortions has been gotten through on his watch. It had been passed in Clinnochio's time, but he had vetoed it.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I heard the speech. *sigh*. It came across as meaningless and banal. It ignored history and the present hatred of not just Israel and its less than stella leaders but of all Jews. I know Bush had to say something-but this just didn't seem to be it.
More prayers I guess.

nickbris said...

If you can call an "end timer"a Christian.Mr Bush is not the kind of Christian I recognise.Killing a million innocent people for REVENGE is not a Christian act.We all pray for these misguided individuals and just hope that a more enlightened administation will come along and try & rectify all these wrongs that have been perpetrated just to corner the market in the worlds oil.

gemoftheocean said...

Well, sometimes a mighty thick prayer rug is useful. Maybe we're the eternal optimists.


Anonymous said...

"Well, OK, let them have their own state. As long as they accept the Throne of David as the symbol of their national sovereignty and forget about implementing Islamic law.

gemoftheocean said...

Nickbris: I'm sure you're a lovely person in "real life" but I just want to know what Madrassah or left wing newpaper altered your brain to make you think we have a corner on the world oil market or designs whereof. If we WANTED it, we could have easily taken it. That's not how we work. Give war a chance!


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