Thursday, January 31, 2008

Life unworthy of life

from the Great Herme
John Smeaton has an shocking example of the depths to which debate is sinking on pro-life matters in the UK. Do we live in a civilised country? Draw your own conclusions
Baroness Meacher spoke in Parliament the other day to suggest that for two children she knew with cerebral palsy "It would be in their best interests to have been aborted." Baroness Tonge, clearly aware that it is not politically acceptable to call for the killing of disabled people, attempted to redefine the terms in a way that is eerily familiar:
"... we were not talking here about disabled human beings, but about some grossly abnormal human beings; many of those whom I have seen bear little resemblance to human beings."

Could be Germany in thr 1930s - Terrifying


Anonymous said...

It will be next..& my children with mental illnesses...

nickbris said...

Baroness Meacher has plagiarised Adolf Hitler & his henchmen.How long will it be before some NUTTER wants to euthanase the Elderly,Bedridden,Infirm or anybody else who is non-productive.
The sooner they abolish the UPPER HOUSE the safer it will be for all of us.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

People who willingly give up their humanity to spout this stuff are more shocking to me than any of the seriously disabled children I have worked with in special schools and a hospice.
And Jackie is right-how long before people with mental illness are not considered human enough?

George said...

Perhaps the doddering idiots who spout this eugenics stuff (none of them 'spring chickens' by any means) should lead by example. Offer themselves up to Dr Death for a lethal jab. That'll make more room for the rest of us and rid the world of the nuttiest fruitcakes on the planet! Awww, I know it doesn't sound very Christian, but these people see themselves as some sort of elite of untouchables - THEY know what's best for all of us even if that means murdering millions who fall outside of what they consider by their dodgy 'yardstick' to be human. Sick minds, I mean really sick minds. They need our prayers AND psychiatric treatment.

Kate said...

Have already commented on Fr. Finigan's excellent blog, so will be brief:This digusts me beyond anything, but also makes me fearful for the future of the people who live in the U.K.Satan is tightening his grip on those he has power over in public life.

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

"Do we live in a civilised country ?"

I'm afraid most people will look at this in a relativist way, and reply (truthfully) : "Compared with some countries, yes."

If the same people would look at the insidious campaign against life, they would probably answer "No."

Consider the manners and morals of pagan Rome under the later Caesars.

Was it a civilised society ?

Compared with the Huns and the Vandals, and other barbarian tribes, the answer would appear to be "Yes."

But take a more careful look beneath the veneer, and it is clear that ancient Rome was a society in terminal decline.

God help us all.

JARay said...

Dr Peter Wright has put it so very well.

Anonymous said...

I think that the Baroness's comment are very ugly and disfigured. Perhaps she should have been aborted! By the way has she ever seen the movie Elephant Man. If people of that calibre had their way, he would never have been allowed to live. Maybe the Nazi's did win the hearts of some of the British people.

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