Thursday, January 24, 2008

Turn to the Lord

Today the Holy Father at his general audience spoke about the week of prayer for Christian unity, see here, in the text that was published the past tense was used, those who heard it, including the venerable Fr Z say he used the present tense, thus:

In the liturgy of the ancient Church, after the sermon the main celebrant -- the bishop or the president of the celebration -- used to say: "Conversi ad Dominum" (turn to the Lord). Then he and everybody else stand up and turn themselves toward the East. All want to look toward Christ. Only if converted, only through this conversion to Christ, in this common look at Christ, can we find the gift of unity.

This little passage is very significant in the light of the ad orientem celebration in the Sistine chapel

read the whole text here


Physiocrat said...

Surely ecumenism should begin with unity with those Christians with whom we have the least differences and, indeed, from whom we have much to learn?

In the English-speaking Protestant countries, it is easy to lose sight of this.

Anonymous said...

In those days, when the deacon said these words, the congregation as a body turned their backs to the altar in order to face east.

Anonymous said...

I think the Pope is leading priests with small but monumental changes in accordance with the Vii. First the garments then the crucifix, now ad orientem. I wonder if his public Masses are offered in this position from now on?

His MC said this in response to a query on the position:
"it is not so much a matter of turning the shoulders to the faithful, as much as orienting together with the faithful towards the Lord. From this point of view, “the door is not shut to the assembly” but “the door is opened to the assembly” by leading it to the Lord."

"the door is not shut" is a very strong phrase implying ....

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