Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pope cancels

Breaking News: The Papal visit has been called off! More info to follow!Update: This report was made by the news agency ANSA :
ROMA - The Vatican "has thought opportune to postpone" the visit of the Pope to the Sapienza University "due to the continuing uprest of these days".It seems that as part of the protests, the Rector's offices were occupied by students today.One has to imagine that security concerns and the dignity of the Holy Father were the primary concern here. One suspects that many at the Sapienza University are ashamed what the actions of their colleagues have brought about.The Pope will, however, be sending the text of his proposed address to the Sapienza.


gemoftheocean said...

For shame. I bet many of the students and faculty are embarrassed by how uncouth their colleagues and/or fellow students are. Yes, "Free speech for all [unless you don't happen to agree with us.]"



Anonymous said...

What a shame for the students and lecturers.

John C. said...

It's sad to see such bigoted behavior from those who pretend to be tolerant to "all people." If it's a risk to the Pope's safety, I guess they have no choice. I think it will be interesting to read his address, though.

Anonymous said...

Where is freedom of speech? Where is academic freedom? Where is good manners?

df said...

Have you seen the outrageously one sided report on the BBC. Even though I've been living with this sort of thing for years it still never fails to amaze me.
No mention of the fact that a minority of students and profs are protesting, no mention of the fact that they have actually occupied the offices of the Rector, no mention of the fact that according to ex-President Cossiga the visit was cancelled in part because the safety of the visit could not be guaranteed without clashes, nor of the reaction of the leading politicians, including the current Prime Minister Prodi, the former Prime Minister Berlusconi and politicians from left and right who are horrified at this illiberal hijacking (ANSA).
Typical BBC.

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

I see the Italian journalist, Luigi Accattoli, writing on his blog, says of the cancellation of the Pope's visit to the Sapienza, he can think of nothing like it since John Paul II abandoned plans to visit war torn Beirut and Sarajevo in 1994.

So, the Sapienza has achieved the distinction of being on the same list of Places Not To Visit as Beirut and Sarajevo.

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