Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Kidnapped Iraqi priest interview

I had just finished some work in church and was going home. I was walking with the four kids that were abducted with me. Suddenly, some militiamen on two motorcycles told me to stop and show my papers. “We only want to know who you are because we have never seen you here,” they told me. I told them I was priest. At that point, a car pulled up right away with a masked man inside who said: “The priest comes with us.” The kids were told to get on another car. Only when I was released did I find out that they were allowed to go the day after I was taken. Initially I tried to joke and keep calm, but maybe that was worse because they got cross and warned me: “If you keep talking we’ll blow your head off!” They blindfolded me and took me to a house where they kept me naked in a bathroom for four days.

During those 12 days they did everything to me; it was barbaric. Every day they asked me to convert to Islam, forcing me to recite the Qur’an and teaching me Islamic precepts. They constantly told me that we Christians were infidels. I got a real lesson on how far their hatred for Christians goes, how it motivates their action. They told me they want to take revenge on me for the attack the Lebanese army launched against the Fatah al-Islam group (in the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp just outside Tripoli in May-July 2007). They accused Christians of supporting the United States and when the Pope met President Bush visited (9 June) they started torturing me even more. They taunted me, telling me: “Now, tell your Pope to come and free you!”
We moved then and things got even worse. They hung me by my hands to the ceiling as they continued their indoctrination. Unfortunately, they found my flash drive in my pocket. It contained an article I had written in which I compare Islam and Christianity and so they accused me of being an enemy of their religion and for this reason I deserved punishment. In this second phase they really played the psychological terror game. I saw another hostage killed, an officer with the Iraqi police. They asked him if the police provided weapons to the Shiites; he did not answer. They tied him up like they do with lambs, put him in a corner and then killed him. Then, they let me know I would be next. They told me that my ‘trial’ had ended and that I had been sentenced to death. I think however they only wanted to scare me. One of them explained it to me: they would not kill me because my Christian blood would have fouled the house preventing them from praying there anymore. When they talked to me they always referred to me as “piece of filth.” But now I can’t talk about it anymore; time must pass . . . .


nickbris said...

Bush,Rumsfeld & Co have got a lot to answer for.Those kidnappers & torturers are NOT Moslems they are the True INFIDELS,they can quote from the Koran but have not got a clue what the Prophet was saying and they do not care either.

gemoftheocean said...

Nick, you are CRACKED. Absolutely CRACKED. A bunch of Islamofascists, hijack planes screaming Allah Akbar, kill 3000 people and we are just supposed to sit there and try to "understand" these bastards? I don't think so sparky. At least Bush et al didn't sit there twisting their under panties. Tell you what nickbris, since you and the Muzzies are such good friends, tell them this: You don't **** with Uncle Sam and Uncle Sam won't **** with you. I trust even you can figure out what the "****" stands for.

As far as the fanatical Muslims go who go around kidnapping priests and hijacking planes, I quite agree with Ann Coulter, KILL them or convert them before they KILL and convert you. WAKE UP. The Islamofascist threat is real. Muslims who are minding their own camels or convenience stores have nothing to fear from us, but if they pull that "let's put in sharia law" they can get the hell out to whatever hell hole they came from, I prefer not to live in the 7th century in a Burqua. And frankly, I don't care WHAT "their prophet" said. He was a charlatan, and a child molester. And if the Muzzies want to come and try and "get me" they can. They just need to be aware that I pack heat. They may kill me, but not before I try and take them with me. I don't want to "understand" them. I want to see them gone from the face of the earth. They need to "understand" us. They come after us ... we'll go after them in spades. And if they hide behind the skirts of their women and children, then it's going to be a mess... but they started this crap. We will FINISH this crap. Learn who your real enemy is nickbris, and get with the program. In a western/soviet conflict, you'd have been the guy to sell the hangman's rope so they could hang you.

Anonymous said...

Many many many more Muslims have died at the hands of the United States than those who were killed by terrorists. If all Muslims based their opinions of the West on the so-called "Christian faith" of Bush and Blair, we really would be in trouble. Mass murders such as Bush and Blair walk around like saints whilst innocents are being killed by the weapons built by the companies who put them in power. But their followers seem to be everywhere. The foul mouthed rants of the crazed American right justify murder everwhere and whenever it suits them.

Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

I think it is important to remember that the ghastly attacks on the USA happened before the West intervened in Iraq, not after, or as a result of, its intervention.

In fact, it was the other way round.

Islamist hatred of the Infidel, of the West, of the USA, the "Great Satan" already existed and found its expression in the infamous attacks of 9/11.

The priest who was kidnapped was not from the West.

He is an Iraqi, a Chaldean Catholic.

And there were Chaldean Christians in what is now Iraq centuries before Columbus discovered America, even before Islam itself was founded.

They are being persecuted now because they are a minority and an easy target for the terrorists who are both mad and bad.

The purpose of the militant Islamists is to sow terror, and there is reasoning with them.

They of course will not overcome the West, but may God help the Christians in Iraq.

gemoftheocean said...

"IF" what about all the Christians the Muslims killed over the centuries? The crusades didn't happen for the hell of it. I highly suggest that it is an extremely bad idea to goad someone with Cruise missiles and the strongest fighting force in the world. Particularly one with nuclear weapons. If you don't want your allies, the Muslims to bleed, I would advise you to let them know their best course of action is to mind their own camels. As for the poor Muslims who allowed these filthy scum to gain control of their countries in the first place, SHAME ON THEM. I'd highly advise them to "Grow a few sets" -- because if they don't take care of the problem themselves, we will do it FOR them. And frankly, after 9/11 we have very little sympathy left for people who have been wreaking havoc. I literally DON'T want to "understand" them. And frankly I don't care if they ROT in Gitmo. If it was up to me I'd feed them pig every day. If it was up to me, I'd have taken NO prisoners. I'm all for annihilating them before they do the same to us. It was their miscalculation that some Gore clone was in the White House. They brought this down on themselves. They want trouble? Then let's get it on.

Some time back before political correctness, there were fanatical Muslims giving the British some trouble in the far east. The British grabbed them, put their bodies in the wrappings of pigs, greased the bullets with pig grease and shot the lot of them all but one, and released the one to go tell his "Muslim brethren" what had happened to their little friends.
Let's just say the British didn't have any trouble with that particular crew again.

The Muzzies think the west is "soft" and easy pickings, that's why they have a chip on their shoulder. As long as they keep pulling this garbage they DESERVE to suffer. They've got two choices: Get with the program and go about their business like everyone else and stop trying to kill people they think are "infidels" OR they can continue their fanatical ways. If they pick option 2, then they are the stupidest people on earth. IF, are your women fitted for burquas yet? Keep that attitude up and there will be sharia in no time. Know who your real enemy is. And it's not the US blowing up your buses and undergrounds.

Anonymous said...

Why do so many people have so little knowledge of very recent history? The attacks on New York and Washington occured in Sept 2001. Afghanistan was invaded in November 2001 and Iraq in 2003. How bloody hard is it not to read the Guardian for once and use the brain that God endowed you with instead?

roydosan said...

Karen, I don't know where the hatred in your heart comes from but I pray that God may release you from it. Whilst people continue to have such opinions there will be no peace in this world.

Slight calrifaction - politics aside, Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and the US was planning to invade it long before in any case.

You may think that 'Islamofascists' need to be expunged from the earth but the reality is that you are quite safe in the US and the people that suffer are the Iraqi Christians. If Muslims are led to believe that this is a clash of cultures they don't tend to hit back at the West, on the contrary they go after the easy target - the Arab Christians who have been their neighbours for centuries and have nothing to do with any clash of civilisations because as Edward Said said they are part of the same civilisation/culture that the Muslims come from.

Words about wars and culture clashes with Islam don't have too many repercussions in the West but in Iraq Christians are paying for them with their lives.

Michael Petek said...

There's a fair share of people on this post who think Bush and Blair have a lot to answer for. But aren't we forget that they are (or were) representatives of legitimate civil authority to which God has given the power of the sword for restraining and sometimes even killing evildoers.

I can't think of anything more evil than to wage jihad, inasmuch as it is an aggressive war for the establishment of a false religion and for the persecution of the true one.

Can you?

gemoftheocean said...

", Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and the US was planning to invade it long before in any case."

They were harboring terrorists and had broken the no-fly agreements which were a condition of stopping the Gulf '91 conflict. Saddam was also posturing that he had nuclear weapons and everyone believed it at the time, and there was evidence they were wroking on it AND they had cut off inspections of their facilities, which was also part of the agreement to get the '91 cease fire. I don't want to "guess" if a madman has nukes. Maybe little Luxumberg et al don't have much global responsibility - no one expects them to - but I GUARANTE
you that the same pantywaists crying because some terrorist was "degraded" by having pink under panties on his head would have been wailing "Why didn't uncle sam do anything" had that bastard unleashed a nuke. Lead. Follow. OR get out of the way. And if you're so clairvoyant that you can guarantee that that madman "couldn't have nukes" then you must be a millionaire from lottery winnings. I wouldn't stake my life on it. Oh. And for the record: An internet friend of mine's sister died in the Twin Towers. A minister I knew had a daughter who worked on one of the upper floors and by dumb luck missed her early train in to work and was delayed just long enough. And a second cousin of mine was in one of the building when the first tower was hit, on a lower floor though, and managed to make it down a stairwell.

I have EVERY right to despise the acts committed and I have every right to support people in political office who are not just going to sit there crying about it, but who will actually DO something about it. Is there some sort of disconnect with you re: with why people are not just going to continue "business as usual" after those attacks? Is there a disconnect with you that it is not all Muslims I am angry with, but the fanatical mindset that produces these people. Have you not seen the fanatics in the Madrassahs teaching their 3 and 4 year olds to hate Christians and Jews and kill them in blood? Disgusting. I have NO respect for those fanatics. They deserve NO quarter.

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