Saturday, November 22, 2008

Battle for conscience

from Fr Tim and Fr Z.

Americans are campaigning to defend conscience in the face of the President Elect's intention to introduce the Freedom of Choice Act, which look as though it will remove the freedom of choice of medical professional not to take part in abortions.

Strange how the liberal left always wants to restrict conscience.


gemoftheocean said...

Once again, all thanks to the STUPID "Catholics" who voted for the so and so. Thanks for the stab in the back.

\This is what the church gets for being fuzzy on prolife. They've undercut the message so much by allowing people wiggle rum to vote for corrupt democrats because they prattle so much about "social justice" on dubious grounds of bishops who couldn't pass Economics I to save their souls. The thinking people have already voted again by having an unprecidented tanking of Wall Street after the victory of a new president elect.

And no small thanks to years of "soft" priests who were afraid of speaking out on the issue in church for fear of "losing" people who are not helping the cause.


Red Maria said...

Not all sections of the left support restrictions on conscience rights. The illiberal left increasingly does though and this is something Catholics must be alert to.
I urge people to take a good look at this
Pay special attention to the peice written by Jon O'Brien, who is the president of a US-based anti-Catholic group, which calls itself "Catholics for Choice" (CFC).
O'Brien's peice, entitled "Presenting the Case for Conscience" is a spectacularly cynical peice of chutzpah because it's actually about restricting the rights of conscientious objectors.
Restricting conscience rights is a key part of CFC's work.
CFC is an American group but it's increasingly active in the EU. It provides the secretariat, one Ms Elfriede Harth, to the European Parliament's Working Group on the Separation of Religion and Politics, see here:

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