Thursday, November 20, 2008

Schönborn's Spokesman to Zhulsdorf

Fr Zuhlsdorf received a letter from a spokesman for Cardinal Schönborn, here there are over 250 comments. Fr Z believes the Cardinal was doing this unwillingly.

Dear Father Zuhlsdorf,

regarding Your blog on the celebration of His Eminence in Wolfsthal I would like to beg you to publish my communiqué of yesterday for the orientation of your public.

Kind regards
Erich Leitenberger
Spokesperson for H.E. Card. Schönborn

Some people have taken serious offense in the Holy Mass for young people which was celebrated by the Viennese Cardinal Christoph Schönborn on the 16th of November in Wolfsthal, a village close to the Austrian-Slovakian border.

In contrast to the presumption, due to the in many ways amateurish und unrealistic the spokesman makes no attempt to say what is unrealistic recorded broadcasting by Gloria TV, the camera has got it wrong. it must be clearly stated that in this celebration in no way any kind of liturgical specifications have been violated. The directory on Children's Liturgy allows a great deal of flexibility, it is the duty of Bishops to ensure that clergy are formed in sound liturgical practice in order to be abe to implement it wisely. Ceramic vessels of course are strictly forbidden, in the context of a children's liturgy anything that appears to be ceramic should be forbidden.

The Eucharistic bread was unleavened and its shape strictly followed the shape which has been used in the Middle East since the 1st century. The “flat cake” is similar to that form used in Mossul in these days – this is the metropolis located at river Tigris where Christians still testify the truth of Jesus with their own blood. I find it deeply offensive that those who are being martyred for the faith daily should be cited to defend a prelate who has caused such outrage! This is an adolescent arguement.

Werner Pirkner, the spiritual councilor for the Holy Mass in Wolfsthal, and Stephan Bazalka, coordinator of the Catholic Youth, paid highest attention to the fact that when breaking the bread no tiny little piece of bread ever touched the floor. BREAD! this is the Body of Christ! As the children have been given such large pieces that they are nibbling it, I see no way in which this claim can be made! Nothing destroys faith more than children being forced to treat the sacred as profane.

Those who have dared, dared! tempted by a fragmentary news coverage, on the diocesan website care is taken not show the distribution and reception of Holy Communion to bring forward accusations against the archbishop of Vienna, no priest or prelate is above question or beyond the Law of the Church may contemplate, repent and ask God for his forgiveness. The Austrian Church's spokesman has obviously taken a leaf out of Dr Goebbels book Let us pray all together for the Holy Church! and let us pray for reverence to the Blessed Sacrament.


Anonymous said...

It's most dismaying. Fr Z. is also too naive for someone of his age and experience. Besides, the Cardinal knew exactly what to expect; he'd done the same thing before.

On another related note, the Liturgical Office for the Bishop's Conference of England and Wales provides recepies for hosts which seem to be similar in form to what the Card. of Vienna is using (made not with leaven however, but carbonated water). These loaves are the only recepies given.

Oh, and Father, don't forget to repent...

PeterHWright said...

Balloons, strobe lights, rock music. Pottery vessels on the altar. This stikes me as the worst sort of liturgical shenanigans.

But the spokesman for the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna says not. More than that, he says the recording is unrealistic (whatever does he mean ?) and that the camera got it wrong.

Well, he appears to be the one who has got it wrong. Either these things happened or they didn't.
The camera has recorded the fact that they did happen.

Of course the celebrant , Cardinal Schonborn, has come in for criticism. What seriously did he expect ? Congratulations ?

Anonymous said...

Well said that man!

Thankyou Father for your comments


Anonymous said...

See, it isn't scandal - it only looks like scandal.

Anonymous said...

So the girl chewing a mouthfull off the consecrated Bread and munching on it as if It were a scone - that's all perfectly OK for the Viennese Cardinal, too, I suppose. Or was that just a false impression given by the "unrealistic recording"?

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I love your comments very true.

Anonymous said...

Great comments! NO MORE COCA-COLA/WONDER-BREAD EUCHARISTS!! We must comment and censure, when we see error!!! WE NEED MORE DISCUSSION ON VATICAN II ON ALL LEVELS!!!!

gemoftheocean said...

Okay, so let me get this:

This Mass is:
valid/somewhat illict (ceramic vessels, etc)/ and totally tacky.

Got it.

Michael Clifton said...

It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if several of the balloons burst in his face.
Just a minor point. I could hardly read the bits written in red against the black. Your usual blue is better and green and yellow would work.

Paulinus said...

The response from the spokesman sounds like Capt Renault in Casablanca:

"I'm shocked, shocked to find that anything other than the norms of the GIRM is going on in here!

Christopher said...

Are pottery vessels really completely illegal? Our new PP has just introduced them. Should I worry about it?!

As for Card. Schönborn, quite apart from anything else, I wonder if the flashing lights and balloons and noise are part of the Babylonian Christian heritage, from the first century no less, too? It is nonsense, pick and mix stuff, very sad and depressing.

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