Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Santo Caliz of Valencia

The Santo Caliz of Valencia has an interesting history, the cup appears to date from the first century, and is possibly of Jewish origin.
The legend says it was brought to Rome by St Peter and sent to Valencia for safety by Saint Lawrence, a native of that city.

It is important to be skeptical about relics, but this chalice has a richly documented history that reaches into the first millenium.
Research into the shroud, the titulus of the Cross, the house of St Peter in Capernium, indicate that we can be too skeptical.

A conference on the Santo Caliz has just ended in Valencia.


Anonymous said...

What does of Jewish origin mean? On visiting a museum attached to a Spanish Cathedral I was interested when the guide, who had no idea as to the precise use of a monstrance, was utterly at sea regarding artefacts which had begun their life in a synagogue. He assured me however that they were not loot dating from the 15th century but were purchased by the diocesan authorities. Since the chalice dates from the 1st century its history is obviously not murky.

Fr Ray Blake said...

I was trying to avoid "Palestinian".

Embajador said...

Father- Just a small correction. It should be "Santo Caliz", and not "Santa Caliz".

It should be noted that what is believed to be the "Santo Caliz" is just the upper portion, the actual "cup". All the rest are just adornments of later centuries.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Will change

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

So, they weren't concerned about the poor in the 1st century? (sarcasm off)

Beautiful to see that even in the 1st Century the best was being offered to God in terms of the Chalice.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo. I can die happy now.

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