Friday, November 14, 2008

Is it full moon?

On a ten minute walk through the city centre three people stopped me to say they are being affected by the occult in some way.

One woman's second ex-husband has been getting the devil to visit her flat when she is out. He sold his soul to the devil. She can tell because he has been smoking in the flat.

Another woman had a vision of the devil standing behind her dad, this morning and ran out of the house.

A man feels the devil is with him whenever he is alone.

I occassionally get this type of thing with the new moon, it happens more often then but apparently the cause was a television drama about an exorcist. Where "care in the community" is a growth industry, like Brighton, this type of entertainment is grossly irresponsible.


gemoftheocean said...

But maybe these things really *are* happening. I mean, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean someone's NOT out to "get you."

Seriously, I think it's a bit of the entertainment industry loving this sort of thing, where all of a sudden everyone's afraid of the 666 combo or auto suggestion.

I know my mother could never seem to see the correlation she had when watching the occasional horror film on TV followed by a nightmare the same night.

"Uh, mom, you watched PSYCHO last night - ya think that might have anything to do with your queasiness with taking a shower this morning after you'd dreamt all night some guy was chasing you? Just a thought...."

BTW BEAUTIFUL picture. Did you take it last night? We had that same big orange moon too, and I was sorry I hadn't had my camera with me!

PJA said...

The suggestive effects of TV. Imagine the damage done by all those immoral programmes that young people watch hour after hour.

PJA said...

Karen, the three people mentioned have regurgitated the storyline from last night's episode. You could say they're living the dream... or should that be nightmare?

gemoftheocean said...

Ponte, so true.

The BIGGEST lie the industry tells:

"Oh, of COURSE we're not undermining your kids values by putting hot, steamy sex with no consequences in prime time - something like that wouldn't affect a perceptions AT ALL in the 44 minutes per hour of air-tine the show is on."

Then they turn around and tell the people who advertise: in the other 16 minutes per broadcast hour:

"Hey, ADVERTISE, of COURSE your commercial will make people want to buy your product!!"

Fr. Gary V. said...

I think a lot of people lost their sense, presence and faith in God and so the devil would manifest his presence and power over these people.

nickbris said...

The Police do get a work overload during a Full Moon period and some years ago when my wife managed a care-in-the-community hostel it was very important that she did not go out during that time as something would always go wrong.

It has been a well studied phenomenon but I can't think of any publications offhand.

Anonymous said...

Suppress good religion and it is replaced by bad. As we are made for a supernatural end if we are diverted from expressing it in a healthy manner then it goes bad. After all Satan is a fallen angel. Is it not ridiculous that we live in a society that takes horoscopes so seriously that even respectable newspapers publish them? The old Penny Catechism was perhaps too mild in its condemnation of such practices.

Michael Clifton said...

Your readers might like to see the review on my own blog (Fr Mildew) of the programme !Apparitions" which has caused some of the trouble locally you refer to. In the programme the devil was shown as a man more or less actually appearing to two characters.

PJA said...

It was thanks to Fr Mildew's review that I watched it on iPlayer, having previously decided to give it a miss. In fairness, it wasn't as bad as I feared it might have been.

PeterHWright said...

What an alarming post !

I do hope that smoking is not a sign that one has sold one's soul to the Devil. I enjoy a good cigar.

Mind you, there seem to be fewer and fewer places nowadays where smoking is not forbidden. And there are No Smoking signs appearing everywhere. I'm beginning to feel quite nervous.

Anonymous said...

I must say I enjoyed this programme. It was refreshing for a number of reasons, the principal character is a holy man, orthodox and approachable (all things one looks for ina priest, I think). It showed that the devil works through lies, immorality and atheism. It showed a seminary with good staff, good prayer life and clear identity. It showed that sacraments and sacramentals and prayer are essential in the spiritual struggle against the devil. It made no mention of the abuse scandals. It showed that keeping secrets from a spiritual director can lead to scruples and temptations.

I disliked the programme because it insidiously suggested that the Missionaries of Charity baptise unwilling people, it made no mention that Christ has won the battle already, but rather suggested that God and the devil were opposites.

All in all, it was good, to a certain extent encouraging in the spiritual life.

Anonymous said...

Psalm 121 refers to the harm that we can suffer because of the moon. I know many Pagans who worship the Moon (and the sun) and pray and fast specifically for harm to come to Christians.

Ps 121 -6
.."The sun shall not smite you by day, nor the moon by night. The Lord will keep you from evil; he will keep your life..."

It`s the lovely psalm that begins "I lift up my eyes to the Hills".

I live very close to some very old hills which are revered by many local Pagan groups for their power. They apparently have ley-lines running through them and emit power to those who believe in it. The groups have regular meetings up on them and I find myself naturally slipping into saying or singing that Psalm whenever I drive through them. I`m sure King David would not have included the prayer about protection from the moon if it were not for a good reason.

A friend who works at the local mental health unit also says that it`s all leave cancelled on a full moon week, as the place does become Bedlam. Last full moon night in october, one patient escaped, stole a tractor and spent the night racing round the city centre in it. You will find many similar anecdotes around the Full Moon theory. I always pray for protection that week. I think it would be worth researching any possible connection between an increase in violent crime around the time of the full moon.

Physiocrat said...

I don't think there anything mysterious about the full moon effect - gravitational forces are much stronger which affects the tides and probably the weather.

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