Friday, November 28, 2008


I thought you might like to see these, they are medieval but an Italian company called Tridentinum who say they are able to reproduce them within a couple of months. I would almost disbelieve it, except they have recently made vestments for the Papal Sacristy.
I don't want a crozier but has anyone commissioned anything from them?


Anonymous said...

Gosh, some of us haven't seen a crozier in use for years!

Evidently, some bishops think that they are above "all that sort of thing" when it comes to adhering to the rubrics contained in the Ceremoniale Episcoporum, thus denying us who aren't consecrated as liturgist-in-chief our right to have the Sacred Liturgy as Holy Mother Church intends it.
Such appalling manners!

I suspect that any commission from Tridentinum may well prove costly.

Anonymous said...

You may not want a crozier, Fr Blake. But, by God, along with one or two others, you should certainly have one.

I do hope this post was somehow prophetic.

We need a new crop of good bishops.

Anonymous said...

Amen, Bernadette!

Anonymous said...

Gregory Dix, an Anglican religious with a vast knowledge of history, once said that it was not surprising what bishops did as the sign of a bishop was a crook and that of an archbishop was a double cross.

Jane said...

Bernadette and A-M:

Absolutely! Amen!

Jane said...

Dear Fr Ray:

Having read the NLM's report of the Holy Father making an assistant PP in France auxiliary bishop of Lyon, have posted about it on Oasis. If he can do this in France.......? Well, that crozier....?

Assurance of prayers as always,

JARay said...

I have to agree with Bernadette, A-M and Jane

Anonymous said...

Mons Blake? let's hope so.

gemoftheocean said...

But Father Blake, you DESERVE a crozier! [And a pectoral cross to go with it.... Rome, are you guys listening? Pay attention! Or as they say in the eastern rite: "Wisdom! Be Attentive!"]

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