Friday, November 21, 2008

I am annoyed

Some blackguard has been using my "homepage" to post comments on WordPress sites. This has happened before, I find it highly irritating.
If it is you stop it!
I hate anonymity on the net, I use my name use yours!


gemoftheocean said...

No worries, I'll send my half-Sicillian GodFather around. Uncle Rollie will kick their butts!!! ;-D
[Wasn't me!]

Dilly said...

I am sorry to hear this. I found two sites which may be helpful, and will ask some technicians of my acquaintance if they can recommend anything else.

Anonymous said...

As a computer novice I have no idea what your unknown person has done but I do hope you can solve it soon. I have only realised this week the problems which can arise from unscrupulous people using computers following the receipt of an email asking for money to help someone stranded in Nigeria to get home.

It appeared to come from my Parish Priest with his name and correct email address on it. However, as it contained grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, was marked RUGENT and ended 'I await your shifty response' I knew this had to be one of those Nigerian scams!

A telephone conversation confirmed this of course but I have found it most unsettling since and it has caused great inconvenience to my Parish Priest who has to start a new email address list on a new email address.

Michael Clifton said...

What one earth is a Word Press site? I would not know how to find them.

Anonymous said...

I suspect you may get a virus which could steal passwords and possibly other information from your computer. First check your computer (one which is riutinely used for surfing and blogging) with an antivirus. Second, change your blog password immediately. Please use a long password with letters and numbers in upper and lowercase not containing any real words, e.g. zHya09kLqR0hw, this will be very difficult to crack by brute force. On the long run, consider using a non-default firewall and use opera or firefox (I recommend NoScript addon) browsers instead of unsecure (default) internet explorer. Perhaps you might even consider using a different operating system than ms windows (this is unsecure), e.g. linux (this might be difficult at first).

Ches said...

I hate anonymity too. I had one anonymous reader (well, he calls himself 'James' but there is no Blogger username and God alone knows his real name) threaten me with legal action a few months ago.

He has just sent a comment again out of the blue, this time asking me with pregnant tones if my legal affairs are in order. I refuse now to publish one single comment of his and probably should have done that from the off. But what annoys me the most is that this is entirely faceless and anonymous.

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