Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Abbey of Notre Dame de Fontgombault

A short vocational video on traditional monastic life from the Abbey of Notre Dame de Fontgombault, recording "Saint Benedict", "Alleluia Vir Dei Benedictus omni".

h/t Roman Catholic Vocations


Henry said...

I am sure I caught a whiff of incense when I was watching that.

the owl of the remove said...

No vocation crisis at Fontgombault - I wonder why....?

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this , but for some clarification...this video was not 'from' as in made by, Fontgombault, but a general monastic/religious life video promo,by 'RisingsSuns' from his excelent Site at http://www.religious-vocation.com/.

The original is an hour long and was filmed by my friend Jean for his company at the www.exaltavit.com/dvd.html where it can be purchased as DVD.

as well selections from more of the same Fontgombault video (15 minutes more) go to
PAX to you Fr.