Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Alexy II part 2


Anonymous said...

Fr. Ray, you are certainly adept at getting the news on your blog.

A fascinating report. The re-Christianisation of Russia has been impressive under HH Alexis II. The Russian people clearly have a deep longing for Christ in their souls.

I was struck too by the comments of the Archpriest in the TV studio about Russia's experience of co-existing with other religions, notably Islam and believe we could learn valuable lessons from the Russian experience.

Let us pray that the great work of the late Patriarch, and of the late Metropolitan Lavr, continues to bear fruit. Hopefully the Holy Synod will make an inspired choice with regard to the next Patriarch. I shall certainly pray that Metropolitan Kyril of Smolensk and Kaliningrad, now locum tenens, is raised to the Patriachate. He has done a huge amount of work developing the DECR from almost nothing. He was impressive when he visited London last year.

Jane said...

Fr Ray,

Thank you so much for providing this opportunity.

Thanks also for your message. That's the address I have used before, but will try again!

In union of prayer,

Anonymous said...

There is nothing like compulsory Marxist-Leninism in all schools to turn the young towards Christianity. Perhaps we should try it.

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