Sunday, December 28, 2008

Best Christmas Present

My best Christmas was given to me this morning. A lady came up to me at Mass this morning to thank me for the Soup Run that we run from the parish, Karla and her team were on the seafront even on Christmas day. The lady said she and her boyfriend were sleeping rough, in the open. She said the soup run had been a life line for them.

They were so grateful, she said that when they get sorted out they plan to come back and help.

Say a prayer for them.


Anonymous said...

Father, This is really marvellous. Congratulations to you and your parish.

Fr. J.A.

nickbris said...

Yes Father,Karla And all the others are Saints.To do that every day of the year in all weathers.

What do Brighton Council do? Nothing.They are busy enough dishing out Parking Fines on Christmas & Boxing day when there are no Buses running for people to even get to Church.

The coming Slump/Recession brought about by the Greed of Local Authorities & Financial service Whiz-Kids will make the Soup Run even more important.

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