Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Southern Water: are they really some kind of scam?

Anyone else had problems?

I know they were "done" a few years for make false claims on people.

I have wasted a extraordinary amount of time trying to get sense out Southern Water. They apparently don't charge anything for my house, they should but they actually seem to be too daft to send out a bill, they used to but got the wrong address and have now stopped.

However they sent us bill for £4,500 for our Community Centre, now we don't actually have a swimming pool just lavatories (US bathrooms) male and female upstairs and downstairs (no baths though) and a single sink, no way could we use that amount of water. Our plumber made a check for leaks, we have none which as the building was gutted seven years ago and all the plumbing renewed would have been unlikely.

Apart from getting postcodes on the bill wrong and the street a bit wrong, they still insist we have £4,500 to pay. All this has been going since April. We can't afford to pay it.

If you have an account with "Southern Water" cancel your bankers order, get them to check your meter it is most probable either faulty or they are charging you for other peoples water.

It looks as though we are going to have to close the Community Centre over Christmas, because we can't afford the water, that is going to result in people in real need not having anywhere to meet, including the refugees who are fed from the Centre. A good story for the press.

Does anyone have the addresses of any of "Southern Waters" directors? The answer is obviously to drop round and discuss the matter with them, I might take one of my parishioners, "Wee Joe" to play carols on his highland pipes with me. An even better story for the press!


PJA said...

Well, if this helps, my hotel has nineteen ensuite bedrooms (many with baths), five public (multi-cubicle WCs)toilets and a large swimming pool. My annual bill from Southern Water is in the region of £4000.

Anonymous said...

I have had a long-running quarrel with Southern Water who refuse to let me have a water meter. (Dont even ask.) I live alone, do not have a garden and do not wash a car but am forced to pay what I consider an exorbitant amount for the comparatively small amount of water that I use. I'll happily join wee Joe and his pipes.

Anonymous said...

Years ago if anyone had a similar problem it used to be a good idea to threaten the authority with Esther Rantzen!! I suppose today's equivalent programme is 'Watchdog' although I am not sure whether that is on tv now.

It would be so sad if you cannot use your centre over Christmas because of this mistake which is so obviously wrong. Perhaps approaching the 'Argus' would be a good idea and shame Southern Water into correcting what is obviously a faulty bill. The comment by Ponte Sisto proves that.

nickbris said...

It took me about 4 years to get a water meter,they sent a succession of sub-contractors who didn't have a clue;and then when I said I was never going to pay them ever again they sent an in-house plumber who fitted it in 10 minutes.My bills went down to less than half immediately.

Southern Water is probably the worst of all the Privatised Utilities,it is virtually impossible to get them on the phone,OFWAT are not far behind them in the incompetence stakes.

They have probably got the School and the Pub next door accidentally on purpose mixed up in the Bills.

gemoftheocean said...

You've waited this long to contact the press? I remember some time ago some poor Frenchman was dinged a zillion francs, euros, whatever they use for money these days for a phone bill. Turns out he was given the phone bill for the PResident of France,.... They fixed it. and it didn't take months.

Seriously. someone has their head up their backside if they haven't been able to correct the problem by now. Extrapolating from what Philip said, there is no way on earth you owe that much.

go down there in full color and cassock with a pit bull in tow. And bring along two nuns (two nuns are always better - they come in pairs) to say "down boy." "The powers that be" won't know if the nuns are saying "down boy" to the pit bull or you. You should get some results.


Physiocrat said...

Vidi aquam.

gemoftheocean said...

I meant "full collar" but perhaps "Full color" would be better after all.

Anonymous said...

I have been perusing the Southern Water website and see that their headquarters are in Worthing. 'It is inevitable that there will be occasional problems' is mentioned! And yours is a serious one which needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

The website states that we 'aim to respond to written account queries within 5 working days. If we fail to respond within 10 working days... we will send you £25 payment.' Have they failed to respond to you so far, Father?

I do like your suggestion of going along with a bagpipe player - that would certainly attract the media which is what you need. No organisation likes bad publicity and presuming you have given them every opportunity to correct their bill, then action is needed - and before they all close down for the Christmas holidays.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Souther Water page at it seems a lot of people have problems with Southern Water........

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