Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ad multos annos, Pater.

Congratulations to Fr Tim on his Silver Jubilee. I look forward to being at his Jubillee celebrations this evening.

I can't help reflecting on how much poorer the Church would be this country without this exceptional priest.
Too me he seems to have extraordinary energy, his involvement in the Faith Movement, his founding of the Association of Priests for the Gospel of Life, his teaching at the seminary and Charterhouse, his excellent blog, the conferences and lectures he gives, all that and running a parish and being dean and what I value, being kind and supportive to his fellow priests, and the compassion I know he shows his parishioners.
All that and still he can nip into Westminster Cathedral to catch up on The Tablet.
Ad multos annos, Pater.


Delia said...

Agreed, but really not the most flattering photograph of him!

Fr Ray Blake said...

It is the only one I have taken.

Jane said...

And then after nipping into the Cathedral he AND you, (constituting the twin pillars as far as I am concerned) can find time to have lunch with an old lady up from France who never sees an orthodox priest unless she comes to London!

I must send him my best wishes for this evening and here, my belated ones for your earlier Jubilee. Sorry to have been out of touch for so long - very busy even before Colin broke his leg in May. I read you both everyday though.

With prayers always,

Dave from Leicestershire said...

I quite like the expression, a mixture of incredulity and contempt for what the good Father is reading! It's almost as if he's thinking "Who on earth would buy this rubbish?"

Fr Ray Blake said...

Quite Jane, thanks.

Elizabeth said...

'I can't help reflecting on how much poorer the Church would be this country without this exceptional priest'.

How very true Father, we are all blessed to know Father Tim and are looking forward to tonight's celebration.

CPKS said...

It was a beautiful liturgy. I am sorry that (although you and I were in the same building/marquee for perhaps the first time) I was not able to thank you in person for the wonderful witness you provide on this blog.

Mulier Fortis said...

Delia - Fr. Tim likes that photo!!

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