Thursday, July 02, 2009


One of my parishioners is a great conspiracy theorist, in general I tend to dismiss such things, but...

I am a little worried about what is happening in the US, dear Mr Obama seems to be appointing a lot of liberal Catholics to a lot of important positions. Not so bad if they kept quiet but they seem to have an almost evangelical role in publicising their liberalism, in spreading confusion and misrepresenting Catholic teaching. In Venzuala, that other American President, Mr Chavez is backing his own liberal Catholic Church. Obama and Chavez are deliberately promoting something contrary to the Magisterium.

And here in the UK we have the Blairs, who reportedly also see they have mission to change the Catholic Church.
Then I suppose so does Cardinal Martini, Mgr Piero Marini ....


gemoftheocean said...

I keep telling you, 0ero is a representative from SATAN. Believe it! At least he isn't even a citizen. Who else would pay almost a million dollars in lawyers fees to keep from releasing a certified copy of his birth certificate? HE DOESN'T
HAVE A U.S. one -- THAt's why. Oh, a "certificate a live birth" which merely states a person was BORN. Duh. but no hospital listed, no attending doctor. You have to ask why? It's not enough to get him into Little League in the US.

This grifter is hiding a lot. So sooner he's tossed out with the garbage, the better.

Anonymous said...

Can you say, "Wolves in sheep's clothing?" The sad thing is far too many Americans don't even realize what's happening here. Please pray for us and our country.

Volpius Leonius said...

So when is someone going to have the courage to warn the sheep that these people are not Catholics but rather are wolves, wolves who have excommunicated themselves.

Thomas said...

This is an alarming truth you have posted. We should all be praying that people realize what these impostors are trying to accomplish.

Adulio said...

Volpius - you are behind the times. Excommunications are reserved for traditionalists only! Dialogue is with everyone else.

nickbris said...

Plenty of illiberal claptrap from the GENUINE CATHOLICS.

Dilly said...

He will treat anyone who crosses him the same way he treated the fly. And it may be many years before the truth about his birth certificate comes out, but the daughter of time is truth. Still, if I were an employee of the Hawaii Registry of Births Marriages and deaths, I would be checking my brakes regularly.

Ma Tucker said...

I would expect our adversaries would be a little more significant than these two big eeeejits. One should expect to be dealing with a formidable foe. These jokers are an embarassment to the human intellect. Satan could not be that dumb, surely his pride alone would rebel against the use of these two morons.

gemoftheocean said...

Ma, he's worked with a paper hanger from Linz, Austria with a Chaplin moustache before -- a putz like 0ero is stock in trade for Beelzebubba.

It's like the representation of the seductress in "the Passion." Looks attractive for an instance (all sin does) then turns into the misshapen crux of evil that it is.

George said...

Ma Tucker and Gem - you guys crack me up!

When the entire 'world' sees these two as great Statesmen, great Leaders etc.... you come up with eeeejits, jokers, morons, putz and best of all Beelzebubba!!!!

Fact is though I entirely agree!

And Fr Ray, you can bet your last $ that these two are writing the new 'bible' for the One World Order Religion as we speak (blog).

Tony will be the high priest with Cheree as high priestess (lets be PC of course), Barack 'belzebubba' will do all the evangelizing using his magical 'Jedi' powers of persuasion that have taken in so many millions of Americans!

'Fun' times ahead folks! :-)

Maryrose said...

I recently came across the story of barak's mother. It read like a fiction. She was known by 2 different christian names as a child because her father wanted a boy. They constantly moved around the states and had really no close contacts. She went to college in Hawaii but was not really remembered as she was so quite and retiring. She met and married Obama senior and barak was born 6 months later. There doesent seem to be any up to date photographs of the woman because the one shown were from way back 40's and early 60's. She married and indonesian and moved to jakarta and divorced again and she eventually died in Indonesia. In the meantime young barak returned to the U.S. at 12 years of age and began his ascent. As I read this truly unbelievable story I had to ask who is this man because this pasr has surely been invented. Its amazing that he ends up as president of America without any black relatives and really no white relatives that we know of on American soil. Every other president that America has had have had families that you can interview, see, toutch like or dislike and so you get a real feeling where the president is coming from and how he was nurtured. I dont usually subscribe to these mad theories but antichrist does come to mind. I think we are deluding ourselves by calling him names as I feel very concerned about this mystery man.

Marc said...

I've never read such rot in all my life. Conspiracy? Give me a break

The Bones said...

I fear that the Church will suffer greatly in the US under Obama. He will almost certainly try and silence the Church. He is trying to emasculate dissent and appointing liberal Catholics to high positions of office is just one way in which to do it.

I've been without TV news and web for a while...and it is quite nice not to have to read about the next move in the game of chess Obama is having with the Church. He is frightening though.

gemoftheocean said...

Laurence, what is particularly galling is his continued attempt to try and appoint actively "pro choice" "catholics" to ambassadorships. And he keeps doing it again and again, so it's not a "mistake" by a neophyte. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing. He didn't want to "comment" on the doings in Iran and show support for those who want liberty. But he feels free to tell Israel and Honduras what to do. This closet Marxist Muslim isn't afraid to meddle there. Gee, US morons who voted for him. Having the middle name "Hussein" wasn't a tip off for you? Now you act "surprised."

Elizabeth said...

Marc, how do you think satan/the antichrist will appear?.
There is definately a conspiracy going on. The devil is after our souls and everyone is following him with a smile.

nickbris said...

There is DEFINITELY a lot of nonsense going on in these comments at the moment.

Is anybody going to lighten up?

We have a new World Leader and another former leader who was led astray by another Former Leader.They may be trying to repair some of the damage done by their CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES.

Declaring an Illegal War and killing millions of INNOCENT civilians

Red Maria said...

I understand NickBris's frustration. Personally, I'm bored with the silly conspiracy theories swirling around President Obama.

I'm pleased that the US race-barrier has been smashed at the chief executive level. It's a good thing that African Americans, whose ancestors were forced to labour by the sweat of the brows and endured much cruelty and the denial of their rights, can finally have a President they can call their own.

I think the fact that a man with the middle name Hussein was elected President of the USA is an uniquivocally positive step and I liked Obama's Cairo speech.

I applaud President Obama's plans to address the disgraceful inequities of American healthcare and I like the Employee Free Choice Act for which he has indicated support.

None of that implies uncritical support for President Obama. Far from it. On the contrary, I have been enraged by his rescinding of the Mexico City Policy and even worse, funding the human-rights busting UNFPA.

But please, Obama, the anti-Christ? Rational debate cannot be conducted in an atmosphere of such supersitious hysteria.

I was going to write a comment on the use of political terms like "liberal" and "conservative" to describe Catholics and pretend Catholics but this purblind rubbish about Obama casts genuine Pro Lifers in such a bad light that it must be tackled head on.

Independent said...

Mr Blair joined the Labour Party and got it to reject its committment to socialism in Clause 4 of the Labour Party consitution, which talked of the "common ownership of the means of Production, distribution, and exchange". He replaced this by a belief in private property, a view enthusiastically taken up by the many Labour MPs who have used their Parliamentary allowances to become dual property owners.

Now that he has reformed one institution in his own image he no doubt, having changed his religious allegiance, seeks to do it again. It has become a habit

gemoftheocean said...

Red Maria:
"I'm pleased that the US race-barrier has been smashed at the chief executive level. It's a good thing that African Americans, whose ancestors were forced to labour by the sweat of the brows and endured much cruelty and the denial of their rights, can finally have a President they can call their own. "

This is freakin' pathetic. Blacks are supposed to be "proud" of Barry Soetero because he's BLACK and not because of his accomplishments? What a disgrace. FAR from Martin Luther King's idea of his children being judged by the CONTENT OF THEIR CHARACTER rather than the accident of race. Not calling an incompetent boob an in competeent boob JUST because he is Black IS what is racist. I don't get to take a bow because I'm white. Barry doesn't get to take a bow because he's half-black. What has he actually accomplished? Other than seizing General Motors and sticking his Marxist nose where it doesn't belong? He can swing for all I care. Race doesn't enter into it.

Yeah, sure, maybe someday a woman will be president too. But I don't want any incompetent women in just to have a woman in that office. That would be stupid.

As far as health care? That snot nosed arrogant jerk can keep his paws off. I don't want him in charge of who's going to live and who's going to be forced to die from rationed government "health" care. Government DEATH care would be more like it from his Marxist ilk. He isn't qualified to be in charge of a lemonade stand. I despise anyone who supports him in any way. Including cheerleaders from abroad who have a death wish for America. Keep your "k" in America to yourself, over my dead body.

gemoftheocean said...

BTW, Nickbris, don't suppose you care to outline exactly how the war was "illegal?"

Just how many times was Iraq going to be let to get away with violating the "no fly zones" which were part of the cease fire agreement they signed in '91?

And had they HAD nukes and used them you and your socialist lot would be the first pantywaists crying and wringing your hands.

Independent said...

I can think of at least one public figure (Hugh Ross Williamson) theologian who argued that Britain going to war in 1939 was immoral. Using the criteria of the friends of Sadam Hussein ,could one not also argue that it was illegal in that it did not have the explicit and categorical sanction of the League of Nations. Certainly Hitler persecuted sections of his own people, certainly he had gone to war with one of his neighbours, certainly he was known to have poison gas - but unlike Sadam Hussein had not used it on any section of his own people before 1939. The war certainly led to the deaths of millions of people and to the occupation of Germany for years after it but Mr Chamberlain is no more responsible for that than was Mr Blair with regard to Iraq.

As for Mr Obama, he is undoubtedly a clever and intelligent man who means well, but like Mr Chamberlain he believes in appeasement, a policy unlikely to succeed with dictators who regard any concession as a precedent for obtaining more. His view of human nature is more a credit to his heart than to his head.

George said...

Orquidea Negra - I believe you mean well, but I think you are also a newcomer to these blogs?

I say this, for if you had been visiting these Catholic blogs for any length of time you would know that I most certainly do not entertain or practice 'racism' in any form. As someone from an ethnic background myself (Polish) I find racism in all its forms inherently evil, totally abhorrent and completely at odds with the teachings of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

I simply cannot see where from the contents of my earlier comment about the Blairs and Barack (which are to be taken with a liberal sprinkling of salt and humour!) you have mistakenly picked up on this thread of thinking? Perhaps you can enlighten me?

And as for me painting a scenario of hell - well I believe Dante already wears that badge of honour and I'm no-where close to being in his league!

God Bless.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Thank you, I didn't notice the content of ON's comment. I have removed it.

I have little interest Obama's origins, just his policies.


Fr. Ray Blake:

I have little interest in Obama's origins.

I am very disappointed you have removed my comment.I think that is unfair.

If this Blog is only about Obama's policies you should have started by removing Goto and Maryrose's comments.

These is all about origins:

"Representative of Satan with no US birth Certificate"

"It is amazing that he ends up as president of America without any Black relatives and really no white relatives that we know of on American soil."

"I am pleased that the race-barrier has been smashed"

George I apologize if I got you wrong, I just think to be humorous about racist comments and insults puts you on dodgy ground.

God Bless

Elizabeth said...

I was reading the prayer composed by Pope Leo XIII after his vision during Mass "defend us in our battle.......against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in high places" sums up Obama and Blair a hundred years before their time.
Nothing changes???

George said...

ON - I'm still at a loss, where are these 'racist comments and insults' in the comments box????

And I disagree about the use of humour - it often diffuses situations where people get so caught up in petty 'sensitivities' fuelled by the 'politico-correct-aparatchiks' that is stifling the freedom to express opinions and speak ones mind and engage in open and frank debate in this so-called civilised world of ours!

You should know that Gem always speaks her mind on the blogs - I've had one or two 'differences of opinion' with her, but she's perfectly entitled to see things her way, as I am entitled to point out the errors of her ways :-) !

God Bless.

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