Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Do

Mulier Fortis, the chronicler of Blackfen, has the complete story on Fr Tim's Jubilee do.

Everyone who was anyone was there.
All I can add is the food was absolutely brilliant. Glorious catering team, if I had time I would compose an Ode to them, no wonder Fr Tim loves Blackfen.


George said...

"Everyone who was anyone was there".....

Yes Sireeeee Fr Ray - I was there! ;-)

Didn't get a chance to say Hi and apologise for all my 'clumsy scribblings', which you've most generously added to your Blog Comments box over the weeks.

We'll be down in Brighton sometime in August so would love to call in to the Church (would email you first). God Bless.

Elizabeth said...

Wasn't it just amazing. The nearest thing to heaven on this earth. The time flew by so quickly, my three daughters did not say a word of complaint during the Mass and even joined in in the singing.

You are right Father, the food was superb, and the blueberries delicious.

It was lovely to get a glimse of you in the distance and to recognise you from your Blog.

Mulier Fortis said...

Glad you enjoyed it... and thanks for the link!

gemoftheocean said...

Hey, I'm someone and I wasn't there! okay, the fact that I was 5 thousand miles away or something is entirely besides the point! ;-D

"They" just need to get that space/time continuum thing solved.

Patrick Sheridan said...

I was there, and I don't consider myself to be anyone particularly important Father...well anyway, we all enjoyed ourselves. Would that the evening had lasted longer, and so many interesting bloggers had to leave so soon.

Catholic Student said...

Oh My! What is that a picture of? I've heard a rumour he's a Catholic priest... where are the sandals??

Apart from the sarcasm I'd like to say how nice it is to see a priest dressed as he should be!

servingblogger said...

Where did all those birettas (spelling ?) come from? I haven't seen that many priests wearing them since ....well, not sure. Looks like it was a lovely, happy family parish do. But ..... Father is only ordained 25 years, presumably he was ordained according to all the new rites etc. So, where does all this stuff with birettas, Mass with back to the people, Latin, etc. come from ? I do worry a little that some priests like to play around, dress up, be a bit prissy and fussy with the Mass, whereas it deserves more than that I think. It's not a Panto. Or a performance. And all this harking back to the past, to a style and tone which isn't really where the Church is, not even in Rome ... I do wonder who it serves. It doesn't feel manly and robust enough for me. So, lovely do, happy occasion it may have been, but why not just stick to the liturgy of Vatican II and the norms of dress and liturgy that is the Church nowadays. Leave the rest to the Oratorians.

T. O' Donnell said...

To the previous poster: Anything that increases the sense of holiness and reverence due to God, is good.

A priest is not a tradesman. He is consecrated to God and has the Apostolic Succession. The hands that consecrated his, were, through that Succession, consecrated by Jesus himself.

He should therefore dress in a dignified manner and according to his station, so as to inspire piety and respect in others and to alert them that he is set apart.

The biretta is part of his uniform and part of the Catholic tradition. That modern priests chose not to wear such is, in my opinion, their loss and our loss.

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