Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pray for Grannies

Even on holiday at Les Combes the crowds follow the Pope.
Pray for “all the grandparents of the world” who are witnesses to fundamental values and play an important educational role for young people, especially in today’s world. Pope Benedict XVI gave the advice as he spoke to a crowd of a few thousands who had joyfully gathered in front of the cottage in Les Combes, where the Holy Father is staying until next Wednesday, 29 July, for a short period of rest. more here


pelerin said...

What a lovely thought of the Holy Father praying for grannies !

With so many fractured families today many grandparents find it difficult to maintain contact with their grandchildren.

Thinking about it, over the years I don't think I have ever heard a prayer said for grandparents during the prayers of the faithful at Mass. As in public life, we tend to be forgotten once we reach that stage!

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

It's a shame but the word 'grannies' is used as an insult here! We prefer 'nanny'..& I'm far too young to ever be one!

pelerin said...

I fail to understand why Mom of 10 thinks the word 'granny' is an insult! The first time one is called 'granny' is a wonderful moment.

My own grandchildren have two grandmothers and to distinguish between us we became 'granny' and 'grandma'. I was pleased to accept 'granny' as it actually sounded younger than 'grandma' although we are both the same age.

Neither of us considered being called 'nanny' as we were not the children's nannies.

Sadly I never knew any of my grandparents which was a loss I felt keenly when friends talked about their own much loved grannies.

Crux Fidelis said...

A heck of a lot of double income families could not maintain their affluent lifestyles if it weren't for grandparents who provide (mostly) unpaid child care. In addition, many grandparents provide full time care for the children of their offspring who are unfit (or dead) through alcohol or drug abuse. Grandparents aren't given enough recognition. God bless all grannies and grandads.

Isn't a nanny a female goat? ;¬)

epsilon said...

My father-in-law died yesterday. Just a few days before my son was due to see him in southern Tanzania. I had sent a Rosary beads from The Holy Land with him to give to his grandparents (they are Lutheran). Now I hope he will say the Rosary with his granny with a KiSwahili translation. This may be a reconversion story for my son who took the name of Maximilian Kolbe for his confirmation... Please pray for him.

I sent the family in Africa an email letting them know that the Pope blessed grandparents on the day their grandad died. What a beautiful way to be comforted in the loss of a loved one!

Fr Ray Blake said...

I am sorry Epsilon,I'll pray for him.

epsilon said...

Thank you Father, may God bless your work of mission to the masses online.

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