Wednesday, July 22, 2009

St Mary Magdalen Day

Happy St Mary Magdalen Day!

Chill the Krug grand cru, let the Chateau Lafite breath, garnish the sturgeon with beluga, stuff your swans with truffles, fetch the ancient port from the most neglected part of you cellar, for today is Great Maudlin's day.
If she could pour out the most costly unction over the Lord's body, then we should spare no expense to keep her feast.


Crux Fidelis said...

Have a marvellous day, Fr Ray.

Pauperes enim semper habetis vobiscum me autem non semper habetis

the owl of the remove said...

I'll try and do as many as possible, Father. Happy Feast!

Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Happy Feast Day!

Red Maria said...

I love that picture.

Let the bubbly flow!

me said...

All good wishes and blessings from the Midlands, Father.

Prayer to St Mary Magdalene.

Saint Mary Magdalene,
woman of many sins, who by conversion
became the beloved of Jesus,
thank you for your witness
that Jesus forgives
through the miracle of love.

You, who already possess eternal happiness
in His glorious presence,
please intercede for us, so that some day
We may share in the same everlasting joy.


ffn said...

Happy Feast Day,i believe widgeon helps with the flavour of the Swan!!!

Pastor in Monte said...

Happy feast, Padre. I remembered you all at Mass.

Tom A. said...

My 14th Wedding Anniversary too!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I have all those things ... but no Bisto gravy or tomato ketchup.

Have a great day.

God bless.

Fr. Gary V. said...

Happy Feast Day, Fr. Ray. I will remember you and your parishioners in my prayers during the Mass today.

Kate said...

Happy Feast Day, Fr.!

pelerin said...

Sorry to have missed it today as I understood the feast was on Sunday.

gemoftheocean said...

Went to Mass this morning and remembered you and your parish in particular.

Wish they'd chosen a gospel reading from Luke 8 rather than Luke 7!

As I understand in Mary Magdalen was not the woman of questionable virtue -- she was the one with 7 demons driven out! [And back then that could have meant something like epilepsy!]

Elizabeth said...

I have just got a copy of Mary Magdalen, in the visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich and am looking forward to learning more about St Mary.
Have a wonderful feast day and I look forward to coming down to Brighton to see that beautiful statue.

joe mc said...

Happy Feast, Father.

George said...

Alas no Vintage Moet Chandon in the ice bucket - will have to do with a nice chilled Chablis or Chardonnay.

Happy Feast day Fr Ray!

old believer said...

Fr. Ray,

If you are keeping the Office of the Octave of your Titular I could send you the proper Mattins lessons if you need them as I am fortunate to have a copy of the Octavarium Romanum.

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