Friday, July 24, 2009

Papal Holiday Pictures

Today Pope Benedict XVI greeted children after celebrating Vespers withe clergy religious in the cathedral in Aosta.

In his daily update, Vatican Press Office Director Fr Federico Lombardi gave a glimpse of one of the more intimate moments of the Pope’s vacation period, describing one of the rare and un-programmed encounters between the Pope and families from the local community.

He described how last night during his usual evening walk, near the village of Les Combes Pope Benedict came upon a group of five children, accompanied by their mothers, with whom he stopped to share a few words. During the course of the conversation one of the children described to the Pope how in winter-time his home in the Rhemes Valley, is covered by snow reaching up to 6 metres in depth, at which the Holy Father expressed his surprise and wonder....

An informal meeting with Secretary of State.


gemoftheocean said...

What's with the daffy beret?!

I think a man who wears a beret is best off if he's also carrying a full auto! [just to keep from laughing....berets are just .. too .. French...]

umblepie said...

'Blessed are the humble, for they shall see God'. Thank you Father, for these heart-warming pictures of our Holy Father.

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