Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pope gets YouTube

The Vatican will soon have its own channel on the video sharing site YouTube where the Catholic faithful or the curious will be able to see Pope Benedict or Church events, a Vatican source said on Saturday.
The details of the accord are due to be presented next Friday at a news conference attended by Vatican officials as well as Henrique de Castro, managing director of media solutions for Google, which owns YouTube.
The initiative will involve Google, the Vatican Television Center and Vatican Radio.It will mark the Vatican's deepest plunge into new media. The Vatican opened up its website,, in 1995.


gemoftheocean said...

No doubt they have been watching all the fun YOU'VE been having! :-D

Jane said...

Perhaps the Holy Father wants to track down all those desecrators and non-confession going Catholics.

Seriously this is an excellent move from our point of view. And personally, may save me a lot of translation work from kto! Or will it all be in Italian to start with? A Latin version would be fun.

Jane said...

With acknowledgements to you, Father, for this latest news, I've posted another of my Papal flight of fancy scenes on my Oasis blog.

Hope it gives you a smile at least.


Anonymous said...

excellent, but they better close their Youtube comments box, or be very vigilant!

Anonymous said...

I hope I can add the Pope to my friends list!

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