Tuesday, January 27, 2009

That ENGLISH Bishop

The Bishop's Media Office have finally put up a post about the SSPX.

Another reason why they ought to have spoken earlier; at a Holocaust Memorial Day service a lady, I think she was Jewish, told me how horrified she was by Williamson's words and asked where in the country he was Bishop! She thought he was a member of our heirachy!

I suspect many people at home and abroad think he is just another English Catholic Bishop.


Jane said...


I spoke about this ignorance in my own last posts, today on Oasis.

It is atrocious that there has been no statement from our Bishops conference to clear up this misunderstanding. They may of course have been asked to keep stum while the Pope and Bishop Fellay sorted it out. Now the latter has disciplined W and made a public statement on Rorate about it, maybe we can all rest easy in our beds, until the next time this remarkable Pope decides to shake us all up!

In Christo pro Papa, and in all fairness tonight, Bishop Fellay.

Jane said...


Sorry our Conference has spoken. Fr Tim has it.

Going back to read properly

GOR said...

Translation of the Bishops' statement:

1. The Bishops of England & Wales acknowledge… [“Well we have to say something…”]

2. The Bishops draw attention to the fact… [“BUT – if you lot think you’re welcome here, think again!”]

3. In harmony with Pope Benedict XVI… [“Not really. This is just pro forma. See #1…”]

In other news the bishops of E & W acknowledge that the world is round, that the sun rises in the East…

Adulio said...

It was probably in "their interests" not to speak out, so as to insinuate that the SSPX silent supports the oddities of Bishop Williamson.

In any case, the prospect that SSPX priests may one day sit at deanary meetings, probably goes down too well with them.

Anonymous said...

Williamson's comments are clearly odious - but then so are many of the things that emanate from the recognised bishops' Conference and their hirelings.

It's not a question of which is worse - they're all as bad as each other in their differing ways. The one thing they have in common is that neither are wholly loyal to Rome.

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