Monday, January 26, 2009

Pope's Brother Honoured

Msgr. Georg Ratzinger, the Holy Father's brother has just been installed as an Honorary Canon of Regensburg.

I think I should have something witty to say about small dead animals, birettas and keeping pensioners warm. I think Mgsr Georg would, you have ago.


PJA said...

It's just plain old Catholic common sense. It's cold in Regensburg this time of the year.

Jane said...


I think this was the most heartening story I found on my morning trawl through favourite blogs.

Strangely, the new headgear seems to have brought out a resemblance to his brother, which I've never noticed before. Another facial transformation seemed to take place in the brother when he donned the white skull cap.

Well women know, you should never wear a hat that doesn't bring out the best in your God given features. Clearly these guys' hats are God-given!

As for furry animals and pensioners, can't think at the moment, been rather busy.
Please read your emails!!!- for more news on the Williamson thing.
In Christo pro Papa

Dilly said...

finding the mink for the coat was one thing - but finding a pink poodle to make the hat....that took a while

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