Monday, December 10, 2007

Catholic MPs to rebel against embryo laws

The Observer Denis Campbell says:
Catholic Labour MPs are threatening to rebel over government plans to relax the law on fertility and embryology.
Up to 40 backbenchers are preparing to defy party whips in parliamentary votes on issues such as creating human-animal hybrid embryos and downgrading the importance of a father in the life of a child born through IVF treatment.
Their unofficial leader, pro-life MP Jim Dobbin, plans to meet Chief Whip Geoff Hoon this week and the Prime Minister next month to inform them about concern among Labour MPs.
The move comes days after about 30 Catholic MPs from all parties met with the Catholic church's leader, Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor, and agreed to work more closely with church leaders on political issues.

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Anonymous said...

Stuff the 'chief whip' for heaven's sake and follow your Catholic conscience. You MUST be consistant in your life - both private and public. It is ridiculous to try and seperate one from the other as if you exist as some kind of schizoid split-personality (sums up most politicians though I guess!). Good on the Catholic MP's if they actually stand up for what they believe. This is the ONLY way that others will take note and listen. We have caved in time after time on all sorts of issues over the years. No wonder the secular world derides us and rides rough-shod over anything Catholic / Christian. Enough is enough!
The king's good servants - BUT GOD'S FIRST.

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