Friday, December 14, 2007

Help: Something seems to have gone wrong

The sidebars seems to have disappeared, actually it has gone to the bottom of the blog, and the picture at the top has shrunk. I don't think I did anything. Can anyone help?


Terry Nelson said...

It may be that some of your pictures are too big and the text gets pushed over. Try adjusting the size of a few photos and see if the sidebar pops back. I don't know why the banner at the top would have changed.

Tom said...

I'm not sure Father but I'm guessing that the sidebar is causing the problem. I once had a similar problem as well. One thing I added to the sidebar somehow changed after a long time of using it and "broke" my whole blog. After I removed it, it went back to normal.

I guess I would just take down the elements you have on your sidebar, one by one (I would leave the ones that are directly from blogger). Every time you remove one I would check what happens. If it stays the same I would put it back and try another.

But before you start doing what I just suggested I would wait a bit because someone might actually *know* what's going on.

God bless

Fr Ray Blake said...

I didn't add anything to the sidebar, it started after the previous post.

nickbris said...

I've had similar problems Father but the "experts"always say i'ts the RTM

Anonymous said...

Father Ray contac the Blogger Help Group

The Crescat said...

delete the post that post you did when you noticed it happen. This happens frequently with blogger, if you use a large picture or even a small or link picture with a large html code.

gemoftheocean said...

Fr. Blake. I've been looking at your blogsite and code for about the last hour. I wouldn't bother messing around with the picture size in your individual posts OR your sidebar.

The reasons are as follows: If I click the header to each title of your post, each individual posts formats correctly by itself.

We know you didn't have a problem in November, but if I click your Nov. Archive, the same phenomenon of sidebar at the bottom appears.

You and I essentially use the same template, though I have customized my colors. I think I see WHERE the problem is happening, but I am trying to figure out where to correct for it.

Do you use a browser with tabs like Foxfire? Do this....put your blog on one window, mine on another. Go in each of our respective blog windows. Go to the last post and you will see a SINGLE line. (just above where it says "older posts.")

Do the same on your page. You will see a DOUBLE line. Somehow I am wondering whether this double line is the source of the problem.

You will notice, when you click the header of an individual post on your blog, you do not get this double line -- ergo it is formatting the page correctly.

Further than that I haven't diagnosed. HOWEVER, I think the blogger people have been diddling around with some of their goodies. One thing I know I have done is I limit my page to the last X blogs, but my guess is you also have done that. I have my "settings/formatting" set to display 10 posts on the main page.

I have a few more ideas, but I was going to try and induce the error in my own blog so I could tell you more precisely. If you want to drop me a line privately, please feel free to do so at gemoftheocean at gmail dot com

[I'd love to see a side by side comparison of our respective xml template files...and I've been looking at the page source code for both of our blogs -- the part just below our respective last posts and where it says "older posts." -- where yours throws in the double line on the main blog page, and mine doesn't.

Happy Gaudete Sunday to you. And we wanna see a photo of the Rose Vestment you have!

And of course, I never charge anything for people I brake for.


Fr Ray Blake said...

That is so kind of you Karen, as you see it is fixed. I must go to bed now, I will fiddle with it a bit more tommorrow, but many thanks.

gemoftheocean said...

How did you fix it? What worked?

Fr Ray Blake said...

Karen, I followed your suggestion and reduced the number of posts that are seen.

gemoftheocean said...

Ah, well, then good. BTW, it's still a problem THEY caused, and it's a work around. Glad you can stop tearing your hair out though. Now if "they" would just fix the problem of sometimes trying to post and getting a blank screen with a url with a ".do" at the end of it, I'd be thrilled to bits. It never used to happen before but I've noticed it in the last 5 weeks or so.

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