Saturday, December 01, 2007

Two Groups

I loved this passage on NLM about the Paris launch of Archbishop Piero Marini's book 'Cérémoniaire des papes' the article is by Dom Christopher Lazowski, OSB.

The evening was very well attended. A number of bishops were present, including the apostolic nuncio and a fellow monk, Archbishop Robert Le Gall of Toulouse. A quick glance around the participants revealed that they were fairly clearly divided into two groups. The older clergy and nuns wore lay clothes and looked cross. The younger priests wore Roman collars, and the younger nuns wore veils and floor-length habits; all of this second group looked happy. A good number of seminarians was also present.

It sums up the clergy and religious of today.

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Anonymous said...

Father ~ I became distracted by the leading article in this link on a Latin Mass in Mexico.

My experience of the USA is that parishes are linguistically divided by the N.O. between the English & Spanish Mass.

In other words far from uniting communities, the N.O. is evidently reflecting the social, economic, cultural (and lingustic) divisions manifest in American society.

By ignoring the TLM, American bishops risk missing out on a possible agent of unity within their own communities and in the process be an example to the rest of the country.

My 5# worth and I really love your blog!

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