Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Throne of the Council

Just a couple of bits of background information to the Advent Vesper stuff. The Pope is trying to heal the "hermeneutic of rupture", part if it is bringing out from his storeroom like the good scribe, "things both old and new".

Did you know that the throne he has been using which was originally made for Pope Leo XIII, was actually the Cathedra of the Second Vatican Council, it was used by both the Blessed Pope John XXIII and his successor Pope Paul VI?
The very splendid cope was apparently made by Tridentinum, trawl the site to see what other things we might see the Holy Father's Master of Ceremonies coming out with,. If you want to improve the visual aspect of the liturgy in you parish, get something from here for your Parish Priest.
As a meme all can take part in, post your favourite choices from this website either on your own blog or in the comments on this post
Both bits of information come from Shouts in the Piazza.

And whilst we are on the Apostolic wardrobe, for the real officianado, did you notice he wore the Pontifical Dalmatic, the vestment all bishops should -not must- wear, a sign of the fullness of Holy Orders.


Anonymous said...

Description: The fabric is a red velvet from Venice: "relevé et ciselé sur fond lancé de filé or". The orphreys show eleven scenes of the Passion of Christ, embroidered in a very high quality, probably after designs of Hans Memling (around 1440-1496), who has been working for the Duke's family.

I want it for my parish priest!

Anonymous said...

Prelate hat # 4-n-pl
Prelate hat in felt of rabbit fur - long fur model (mélusine)
Interior leather band and red silk lining; silk gold/color cords with flocks
Sizes: 55 to 62

>> Please tell us if the person who will wear that hat is a Monsignor, Bishop, Archbishop or Cardinal, since the color of cords & flock changes

Price: € 180,00
My Bishop would hate one, so good for him!!!

Anonymous said...

Those recent pictures are incredible...

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the splendid purple cope worn recently by the Holy Father is new rather than old. What I hope will happen is that some of the antique vestments in the papal sacristy will be worn again. They are more splendid that anything made now and of far higher quality. For instance, look at the fine vestments worn at the recent consistory, infinitely better than anything procurable today. The problem with most new work in the old style is that it looks better in photographs than reality and often turns out to be tawdry, if expensive. Much of it is made in Polish and Philippino sweat shops and that raises ethical questions that almost certainly rarely enter the minds of those who wear them. The suppliers make as much profit as they can.

gemoftheocean said...

I'll give it a think!

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