Saturday, December 22, 2007

Green Vatican

A thought on the "Happy Christmas, Papa" post earlier this morning:

Fr Justin said...
You know, that chair makes a lot of appearances these days in a lot of different places; it must be a struggle to move it from one location to another. Wouldn't it be simpler to mount it on a platform with some handy carrying poles? They could save time by the Holy Father sitting in it while they are doing so. Time and motion studies would recommend it.After all, we are all trying to live simply these days.
22/12/07 9:32 AM

Oh, and think of the carbon footprint of those popemobiles!
22/12/07 9:32 AM

Earlier this year it was announced that the Paul Audience Hall roof would covered in solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, a green papal initiative.

Last winter a friend of mine said he was going to start wearing a biretta to be able to reduce the heating in his house, but I think Father is right we need signs from the top.

The Catholic Church has always been green. In the picture above both Pius XII and Paul VI are using the Carbon neutral popemobile, together with manually operated air conditioning units, and a portable environmental modification unit, which is being held over the pontiff, creating a friendly environment without unfriendly building work and rendering "sunblock" unnecessary.
Pope Pius is also wearing a solar helmet made of shiny reflective metal to keep the head cooled, with the advance in solar panel technology, this type of headgear can be adapted to run one's own personal music system.
Be environmentally friend, be Catholic.


Anonymous said...

More laughs - you are spoiling us today! It has made me forget the dreadful night last night when I probably woke the neighbours during several attacks of cramp! Thank you.
The other big news of the day has helped too!

Tom said...

Hahaha. I love it! :-)

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