Saturday, December 08, 2007

This year's fireman

Roman fireman Felice Minelli lays a garland of flowers on the Virgin Mary statue at the Spanish Steps in Rome, Saturday, Dec. 8, 2007, marking Immaculate Conception day. Later in the day Pope Benedict XVI will pay homage at the statue.
The photograph below is last year's fireman.


Anonymous said...

You could almost do a 'Spot the Difference' competition between the two photos! I wonder if it's the same fireman.

Shame that there are no statues of Our Blessed Lady in Central London that we could adorn with garlands of flowers on this wonderful Feast Day.

But all good Catholics should have at least ONE statue of Our Lady in their home and there is no excuse for forgetting to place a rose or a small bunch of flowers beside it in honour of Our Blessed Mother.

'Blessed for all generations'. Thanks be to God.

Anonymous said...

Today's beautiful Feast Day is the first day of the Jubilee year in Lourdes.

I have just looked at the lourdes web site and see that the wraps are finally off the front of the Basilique de la Rosaire revealing the new mosaics. Today's ceremonies were relayed on KTO but I have not yet been able to watch. No doubt videos of the ceremonies will appear on the KTO web site in due course.

i look forward to glimpsing the new mosaics by daylight tomorrow!
The Grotto was crowded at 11.30 french time tonight - the web cams there are a wonderful modern use of technology. When snow is falling in front of the Grotto it is particularly beautiful to watch.

Adulio said...

I was near that very statue, near the the Piazza de Espania with two friends from high school, this August. She does look majestic and yet motherly at the same time.

Happy feast day!

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