Sunday, June 17, 2007

800th Anniversary of St Francis Conversion

The Holy Father goes to Assisi to mark the 800th Anniversary of St Francis

I love Zefferelli’s Brother Son and Sister Moon, I know it oozes flared trousers and cheese cloth shirts, those are my roots. It is still a beautiful film, I get a lump in my throat at the conversions and acts of heroism.

The first clip is his Conversion

Francis renounces the world

In the last clip one of Francis’ disciples tells Otto of Brunswick to throw his jewels in the river, I love the muic

Alas, I couldn't find my favourite scene, when at the end of the film Frncis goes to see the Pope who descends from his throne to embrace Francis. There is lots of pomp and a rather splendid rendering the "Victimae". Earlier in the film there is a rather touching scene where one of Francis' followers returns to the world unable to cope with rigours of "Sister Chastity".


Anonymous said...

Should we have young Christians shouting out David Beckham, Cherri Blair and others "throw you jewelry amongs the fishes..."

Anonymous said...

Happy Father's Day Fr. Blake

Anonymous said...

I love Brother Sun, Sister Moon as well. I recommend Francis: God's Jester. It's an amazing 1950s adaptation starring a cast of Franciscans playing the roles of St Francis, St Leo etc. Majestic - was really impressed when it came free with The Independent!

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