Friday, June 29, 2007

Great Thuribles of the World: 2

I googled "thurible" and this came out:

It is the consecration of Myron (Chrism) at Marthoman (St.Thomas) Syriac Orthodox Church, Kothamangalam, India.
There is a rather lengthy and splendid description, that speaks of 12 thurifers, 12 yavuppadeacons (sub-deacons) with seraphic fans, 12 deacons, 12 priests and 12 bishops.
I can't help wondering if the organised chaos, the chanting into microphones, the wads of A4 paper might be how the Tridentine Rite might work out in practice in many parts of the world.


Dr. Peter H. Wright said...

Well !!!
Organised chaos indeed.
I doubt any MC could handle that lot.
Thank the Lord for the noble simplicity of the Roman rite.

Anonymous said...

While I acknowledge the venerable rite of the Syriac Orthodox Church (I suspect they are schismatics alas) the Tridentine rite is far far more simple than that!

Anonymous said...

How does this compare with the Chrism Mass at Arundel Cathedral??

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