Friday, June 22, 2007

Isn't BT useless?

My phone isn't working, I got a member of the parish to phone BT.
They phoned me back on my mobile; first of all they wanted me unscrew things, exposing live wires - what would "'elf and safety say".
Then they phoned again to say it was a fault at the Telephone Exchange but it would not be until the 26th June that they will get off their backsides and fix the fault 4 Days!
Useless creatures!!!
UPDATE: they have fixed it. It really is dreadful being a priest without a phone. The did divert the line to my mobile, but it is a bit disconcerting counselling someone who is seriously depressed on a crowded bus, in that loud voice you need when on the mobile.


Anonymous said...


You have a couple of options.

1) Explain to BT that you are a priest and need to be accessable to the sick and dying in need of the sacraments. This is God's work and it is very important. It is therefore urgent that you have your phone line. Ask them if there is anyway that they could help you in your work by prioritising your problem.

2) Ask BT to redirect calls to another phone number while the fault is being fixed. Maybe they could use your internet connection for this or maybe someone could lend you a mobile phone for the 4 days.

I'm sure 1) will work and 2) is possible.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Calm down Fr Ray! it's only a phone!

Anonymous said...

YIKES! Life without phones..too awful to contemplate!

Anagnostis said...

Hah! Just wait 'till you fall into the clutches of the DVLA. Here's just a part of recent experience:

"Where is my license!"
"We're waiting for documents from your GP"
"Have you asked him for them?"
"Not yet"
"Shall I ask him for them?"
"OK - if he faxes them that'll be quicker. This is the number."


"Did you get the Fax from my GP?"
"It takes three days for a fax to appear on the system"

four days later...

"Did you get the Fax from my GP?"

Repeat all of the above, three times, over a period of two weeks until someone gives you a different Fax number. Two days later a letter arrives by First Class post:

"We are pleased to tell you that your licence will now be issued. If you have not received it within the next three weeks, please call the following number"

Bear in mind that I cannot work without my license.

Anonymous said...

Judge not and ye shall not be judged!

Mulier Fortis said...

Hey, that's easy enough. Get the parishioner to phone back and say that in four days you can have a new phone account set up with Virgin Media, so rather than wait for them to fix the fault, you'll just cancel your account...

Then sit back, and wait to see how fast they fix it...

The Bones said...

Try getting a CRB check. Last time I applied for one I could have had a baby.

Anonymous said...

To be honest i like BT and just like me not perfect!
but in comparison with the rest especailly Virgin Media they are far better.

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