Sunday, June 03, 2007

Jan Kot has died

Jan, the little baby I asked you to pray for a couple of days ago died in his mothers arms, having been baptised by me. Fr Thadeus Bialas, the Polish chaplain, was with them, the little boy's organs stopped working and became infected, eventually the machines which were keeping him alive were turned off. The dreadful thing is that with all that was wrong with him before he was born, at 29 weeks, he could have been aborted but he was delivered prematurely. There is something so very wrong when a a team of team of doctors and nurses struggle so very hard to give a child like him as many chances of life as possible and a couple of floors below children are killed by similarly skilled doctors and nurses.
He is heaven now, praying for us, but pray for his mother and father.


Anagnostis said...

God comfort them. My prayers for them this evening.

nickbris said...

You have done your job Father.It is now up to the rest of us to show what we think about this diabolical ABORTION BUSINESS

Anonymous said...

Another angel for Heaven!

May Our Lady of Sorrows comfort and give succour to mothers who lose their children.

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