Monday, June 25, 2007

Blocked in China

No-one can get this blog in China!

I don't know if it is because of the piece on the dynamiting the Marian Shrine I put up a few days ago or what, there is a very strange comment that seems to have come from some minor government official spin doctor.

If you are a Catholic or Christian blogger check out your own site HERE to see if you are blocked too.
Maybe this part of the build up to the publication of Pope's Letter to Chinese Christians

saturno tip to Mac for the checking thing

I'll list those who let me now they share this distinction

Mulier Fortis

Lover of Futility

St Joseph's Talks

Fr Justin


k said...

Probably its something to do with If they hold any blogs which are anti-CCP, pro-Tibetan/Uighur independence, etc., Chinese authorities can only block the whole thing rather than individual blogs. I doubt if its personal. BBC is also blocked, and sometimes even google is blocked.

benfan said...

I think you've been had.
It was exciting for a minute there though. I think the "greatfirewallofchina" should have given it away. hrhhrhrhrhrh


Fr. Larive's workers said...


I to have been blocked

Hebdomadary said...

As the founding director and prefect of music for the twenty or so members and five Oratorian fratellini of Chorus Breviarii San Diego, I have the honour to share with you that we too are subject to the distinction of Chinese censorship!! Under the circumstances I guess that means that we're doing something right!

Mac McLernon said...

Fr Tim was blocked ages ago...

BTW, you spelled "Mulier" incorrectly!

Karen H. -- San Diego said...

I saw that item in question too last night, and I was semi-surprised that the website I used for bringing myself up to speed learning Dreamweaver was also blocked. Although I am a Catholic, I hadn't set up any pages re: Catholicism, but I did have a private rant about google and their cooperation with the Chinese communists in blocking hot topics such as Tianamin Square. Blocked.
Spooky ... especially as I have deliberatly not linked up the subsidiary pages to the main page.
I knew the Chinese were doing this, but I didn't know about the website you can use to check thanks to Mulier Fortis.

FJM Madden said...

I'm blocked too.

Fr Ray Blake said...

Could be, Benfan, but I usually click on this site after I have done something on China and this the first time it has told me I'm blocked

Fr Ray Blake said...

Sorry, I always mispell it

Henry said...

Have they Blocked the whole Blog? Wow. If you use a recognisable euphemism it should beat the electronic censor, they dont have enough humans to read everything.

Try something like unmentionable large country. Or the country people eat their dinner off. Or where a lot of tea comes from. Or some mispelling. Eventually they would have to block themselves out of everything.

Mac McLernon said...

I must point out that it didn't block me BEFORE I posted about the Marian shrine, and I used to get the occasional visitor from China.

Benfan said...

Abject apologies Father,
This does appear to be true.
How utterly sad for China to behave in this way. The check seems to take place in France if the pathways are indicative of anything. It makes one quite grateful to live in a somewhat open societiy. I do hope the Pope's letter will have its desired effect. Please let's pray for it to be so.


Fr Justin said...

Me too.

Fr Tim Finigan said...

Proud to say that I am still blocked.

k said...

Interestingly, China's own state broadcasting stations is blocked as well.

If China can ban its own premier propaganda organisation, the rest of us don't stand a change. Either that, or this greatfirewallofchina is not very reliable.

Anonymous said...

Trying putting any random URL into the site: you will find that they are all banned now, whatever their content!