Thursday, June 28, 2007

Great thuribles of the World

Not really a series, but Andrew sent this clip of the Botufumero of Santiago di Compostella. Orignially I think this massive thurible was used to perfume the Church before the greater Masses and Offices, the galleries of the Church would have been used to sleep hundreds of smelly pilgrims. Nowadays it is used after the main daily Mass, concelebrants are offered one of the canons old table spoons to spoon on copious amounts of incense, a bit of a distraction from Holy Communion.

There is only one recorded instance in which there was a breach of health and safety regulations and the thurible came off its rope work and killed a number of the congregation.

I have also added a film about the Camino, the theology is a bit odd but ...

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Anonymous said...

My sons can use the thurible proficiently..they are 8 & 10..we have some excellent pictures of the clip you show of the husband was doing a charity cycle ride at the time..thanks for the post..i might even tag you!

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