Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No Smoking in Church

I have to put up signs like this in the Church - people don't of course.
I really want to put up signs saying, "No Gossiping", "No Sinning", "No Bending Hymn Books", etc, etc. I wonder if it is a government move against incense.

I was talking to our Dean today and he said he found a couple in the very act of fornicating in a side chapel recently.
There should be a law against it; at least in a public place.

We have an average of 7 new laws a day at the moment.

Now can anyone remind me of what Tacitus said about corruption, government and making endless laws?

Corruptissima res publica, plurimae leges. (Tacitus - An. 3, 27) - Thank you Fr Tim Finigan, see comments.


FatherTF said...

Oh, Tacitus! One of my favourites :-)

Corruptissima res publica, plurimae leges. (Tacitus - An. 3, 27)

(Where the state is very corrupt, there are many laws)

FatherTF said...

Just seen another reading: corruptissima re publica ...

Fr Ray Blake said...

Well done, Father!

Anonymous said...

Your sign is not compliant.
You must place one with the following wording:
"It is against the LAW to smoke on these premises".
Please also leave enough space beneath the sign for possible future government controls in God's House. After all the State is the supreme power.

Year 2009:
"It is against the LAW to preach against abortion"

Year 2010:
"It is against the LAW to preach against homosexuality"

Year 2012
"It is against the LAW tp preach GOD"

Ziekk Hial

Anonymous said...

Apart from "fire exit" signs this is the first Government communication into Churches. It is the thin edge of the wedge.
The Nazis worked on the principle of getting the Church to start taking Government interference on minor matter, then gradually intervene.
It is significant that Churches are just regarded as public buildings, with no other qualification.

Anonymous said...

It is "Seig Heil", Triumph, Acclaim.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say we're getting closer to Nazi Germany, but ve haf vays of discovering ze true identity of "anonymous".

Cathy said...

I find it amusing that churches have to put up "No Smoking" signs.
Stupid government.
It does give the opportunity for a barn-burner of a homily next Sunday about how hell is mighty hot and would be a miserable place to spend forever.
(The evangelicals here have bumper stickers: "How do you want to spend eternity? Smoking or non-smoking?")

Physiocrat said...

This has got to be a joke. Put it on with a little bit of blue tack and it might get nicked. It isn't the right size for stiffening a pall, by any chance? What about the historic churches committee - it is a defacement of the fabric.

Talking of Health and Safety, shouldn't the altar rails go back due to the trip hazard?

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