Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Ambrosian Faro

h/t NLM

The Ambrosian Rite, used in Milan seems to be an altar boys delight. On some of the greater feasts of martyrs a great ball, made out of cotton waste is set on fire. This Youtube video seems to be less spectacular than some of the photographs I have seen. Obviously 'elf and safety" have made a visit. Must get a nice marble floor in.

Up until the nineteenth century during Lent the whole of the sanctuary in Duomo of Milan was veiled. On Wednesday of Holy Week the Passion according to St Luke was sung, when the words about the veil of the Temple being torn in two, at Jesus' death were sung the great veil in the Church was torn apart. Spectacular, but not too uncommon in various places, but in Milan it was accompanied by the repeated firing of a canon. Which in the rather oppresive gloom of the Duomo meant great flashes of fire, and great clouds acrid spoke.

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pelerin said...

'elf and safety are obviously more lenient in Italy! I'm worried in case they start banning candles in church.

Last year I saw the first No Smoking sign inside a place of worship - Southwark Cathedral in London has a prominent sign in the porch. When I told a French friend of mine she thought I was joking and I think her estimation of us British must have gone down considerably finding out that we have to be told not to smoke in church!

Far more appropriate would be a 'Turn off your mobile phone sign.' Surely it is very discourteous both to God and the congregation not to do this before entering a place of worship. A week ago I attended Mass for the feast of Candlemas in the Chapel of the Rue du Bac in Paris. The Chapel was full to overflowing and sure enough Mass was interupted four times by phones ringing and people were distracted. The same in Notre-Dame ...