Saturday, February 02, 2008

NHS could pay surrogates

Surrogate mothers could be given up to £15,000 of Health Service money to have children for gay couples, it emerged yesterday.
An NHS trust is considering funding the service for infertile couples - whether they are heterosexual or of the same-sex.
If the proposals are approved, the Health Service will pay for IVF cycles and the expenses surrogate mothers are allowed.
Bosses at North East Essex Primary Care Trust have already discussed the issue at board level.
A report presented to directors said: "It appears that the majority of applications for surrogacy to be funded on the NHS stem from heterosexual couples, but consideration would need to be taken for any homosexual couple or single person who wished to become a parent through surrogacy.
"There are more extreme scenarios to consider, such as the husband or parents of a dead woman applying for surrogacy to provide a baby using the dead woman's embryo."
The trust is waiting on a further report before making a decision next month.
Critics warned arranging payments sets a dangerous precedent.


gemoftheocean said...

Lunacy. Your tax monies in action.

The 30th anniversary of Louise Brown's birth is coming up. I thought at the time it would open up a whole pandora's box of a moral cesspool and it has.

Tough as it may be, some couples just will not have children. It's quite one thing to have an operation to make the body function as it should IF that is possible. However "rent a womb" schemes are beyond the pale. The ultimate in consumerism.
A significant amount of abortions amongst some who "couldn't care less" and other well meaning but very misguided people who want something good but do something morally wrong so they can be satisfied.

Anonymous said...

Sicker and sicker.

Anonymous said...

mmm! Could do with some money! lol

George said...

Why is the UK spearheading this kind of bio-science abuse? At every twist and turn it's British biologists and medical scientists that seem to be at the sharp end of developing new techniques that are patently anti-life and anti-family. Spitting in the face of the Creator and saying 'we are gods' seems to be echoing around the laboratories up and down this country. Meanwhile, money that should be spent on useful medical research, keeping hospitals and hospital wards open, employing more doctors and nurses, providing palliative care for the elderly and terminally ill etc... is being squandered on this non-sense. Legally allowing homosexuals to have children using surrogate wombs with 'sperm' engineered from female stem cells - can it get more macabre and sicker than this.
The story of Frankenstein pales in the shadow of what's going on now.

WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

The CAMHS unit where I used to work can't afford to staff itself properly.
My friend is on what we are nicknaming the 'economy package' for her breast cancer.
My own level of care at under NHS neuro services has been pretty poor.
But there is money for this!

Physiocrat said...

What became of children's rights to be brought up in a normal family environment?

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