Thursday, February 21, 2008

India's Two Plagues: The "Missing Women" and Violence Against Christians


Anonymous said...

That's why I'm pleased to have 8 daughters!

gemoftheocean said...

quite some years ago I happened to catch a CBS news story about how prevalent the phenomenon was of killing female children in the womb. [A good 10-15 years ago.]

the article states how this gender id is easily circumvented. The TV news story I had seen showed some rich Indian abortionist driving up to virtual hovels in his Mercedes with a portable sonogram -- let's just say he was not cheap either, these impoverished families would put together every rupee they had in order to pay the abortionist. Disgusting. Does it occur to them to change their stupid dowry custom? Does it occur to them that their little
"Princes" literally have no one to marry because they are killing the girls? I have long considered Indian social structures to be among the creepiest on earth.
The elderly priest I assist on Sundays is trying to put together a book on 7 major religious philosophies and what they have in common as virtues etc. I'd tease him how he was going to fit in all those Muslims with "no one in charge" and he said they are comparatively easy when you get to Hinduism etc.

If they have a god for materialism it wouldn't surprise me in the least.